Top Tips for Natural Detoxing and Daily Cleansing


Say no to drastic detox and hello to natural detoxing and daily cleansing!

In this modern world with all its toxic battering, we need to put a lot more attention on natural detoxification and cleansing and allow the body to heal itself and regenerate new healthy cells.

Often, people go full steam ahead and throw themselves into a drastic detox programme, and then promptly make themselves feel awful as they release all their stored toxins into the body all at once. There is a better, safer, and gentler way to cleanse away those toxins on a daily basis without a drastic detox.

Here are my 7 top tips for natural detoxing and daily cleansing!

1. Open up the exit routes
Ensure your bowels are moving efficiently and you’re passing urine often enough (this depends on your age/size/how much you liquid you drink and your caffeine consumption, but on average you should be urinating 4 -8 times per day).

To help move things along, try starting your morning with warm water with ½ lemon and 2 tbsp of Braggs apple cider vinegar (start with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and build up if you find it too strong). This will really help to cleanse the liver and re-alkalize the body.

Include Chia seeds or slippery elm powder into your daily routine. These are gentle enough to not cause any discomfort, nor will they bung you up. Just ensure to drink enough water / herbal tea along with them to allow them to do their job effectively.

Both chia seeds and slippery elm powder are high in nutrients, fibre and are brilliant for digestion. Other fibre rich foods include apples, pears, root vegetables berries, nuts, seeds, brown rice and legumes.

2. Hydrate

Ensure to drink at least 1.5-2 litres of water. Water helps flush out toxins from the body – very necessary when trying to cleanse and detox the body.

Try herbal teas such as nettle, a great blood cleanser; dandelion root, wonderful for the liver; cinnamon tea, great for balancing blood sugar levels and helping you steer clear of quick sugar fixes; and finally green tea.

If you are avoiding all caffeine during your cleanse, then perhaps stay away from green tea until you have finished your cleanse and then reintroduce it. Green tea is well worth adding to your diet as it provides you with a host of polyphenols, antioxidants and the amino acid L-Theanine, which is great for relaxing the mind and distributing the caffeine into the blood in a stable way so as not to cause the peaks that regular black tea or coffee does.

3. Breathe fresh air!
Getting out in the fresh air for a walk, cycle, run or hike is great for cleansing the body. Getting the lymphatic system up and running and kicking the lungs into action is a sure way to get your body processing, clearing out the back-log and getting things moving.

This will help improve circulation which ensures efficient nutrient distribution, recycling and removal of waste. It also helps to boost circulation around the body and especially to the brain and heart; even to the hair follicles on your head to help improve hair growth!

Getting out and moving is also a great aid when suffering from constipation, though do make sure to keep yourself hydrated!

4. Adopt a nutritionally complete diet

Improving your diet, cutting out processed foods, junk foods, refined sugars, refined salt, hydrogenated fats, white flour, fried foods and alcohol are essential to bring your body back into balance.
All of these substances put a huge burden on your body, especially your liver and causes congestion and inflammation throughout your body.
Giving your digestive system a break from these damaging substances allows your digestive system to have a break and reboot its natural detoxification processes.

By replacing these substances with high quality foods, including both cooked and raw fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins, good fats and antioxidant rich superfoods, you are essential flooding your body with nutrition, giving it an infusion of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. 

Cleansing Beetroot Apple Celery Ginger and Lemon Juice

5. Include liver friendly foods

Include liver friendly foods such as:

Beetroot – Home to a powerful chemical called Beta cyanin, a well-known stimulant of the phase 2 of the detoxification pathways in the liver, ultimately helping the way the liver deals with waste materials.

Artichokes -Known to increase the production of bile and the rate at which it is released from the gall bladder. Bile is incredibly important for digestion and utilization of dietary fats in the body and is one of the main transport mechanisms for the fat soluble toxins.

Other liver loving foods include carrots, lemons, grapefruits, green leafy vegetables, garlic, dandelion, avocados, walnuts, turmeric, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage.

6. Gut health

Include a daily probiotic to restore the good bacteria in the gut daily.
Additionally you can include fermented foods, such as kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir for gut health and gut healing. These take care of your gut and encourage healthy bowel movements which allow the toxins to be removed from the body.

7. Include supportive nutrient rich supplements

Though it is good to point out that supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet rich in good food, they are great additions that can be added to the diet to really help support the body and fill in any nutritional gaps you may be having.

Greens powders – Try adding a teaspoon a day of barleygrass and/or wheatgrass, or even a blend of these with an additional vegetable Brassica Blend such as One Nutrition Power Greens. These greens powders really do pack a punch when it comes to their nutrient levels.

Spirulina – A blue-green algae rich in chlorophyll and packed with protein, all the essential amino acids, vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, and E, potassium, and other trace minerals.

Chlorella – An incredibly effective detoxifier that helps to remove alcohol, chemicals, heavy metals and even environmental pollutants from the liver. Especially useful for helping your body cope with any alcohol consumption (take before and after drinking for maximum benefits). Chlorella also contains zinc and Vitamin B2, two nutrients known to help promote glowing radiant skin.

Milk Thistle – Your livers new best friend. A natural liver tonic that combines well with other herbs such as dandelion to help support the liver in ridding excess toxins.

Including antioxidant rich foods such as acai powder, bee pollenhemp seeds, goji berries or maca powder can really help support the cleansing and detoxing process.

Combining a protein powder with your smoothies or meals can add more substance, nutrition and can really help to ensure the amino acid levels in the body are stocked up—a requirement of the body to detox properly.

So there we have it! My 7 Top Tips for Natural Detoxification and Daily Cleaning! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via our Facebook or Twitter page!

– Emily

*Please note that while we are knowledgeable about our products and nutrition, this blog should never be a substitute for medical advice and attention.

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