Top Tips for Festival Season


It goes without saying, a tent, sleeping back and a decent pair of wellies are going to be your top choices this festival season, but what about the other essentials you’re going to need?

Here are my Top 10 Festival Must Haves This Season

Sun Protection

Absolutely essential, come rain or shine. You will likely be outside all day for a few days, and scorching red sunburn to start your week off is nobody’s idea of fun!

1.) For body: Green People’s fragrance-free SPF30 sun lotion
This is a great product to protect your skin naturally from UVA and gives up to 97% protection from UVB radiation. The formula is rich in antioxidants helping to protect against cell damage and is even water resistant due to the non-pore clogging beeswax used in the product. I like to throw it in my festival bag to reapply throughout the day, keeping me from turning into a lobster! I also love this product because it’s great for my sensitive skin as well as being scent-free.

Other ranges include Jason and Aloe Pura with options for kids and babies too.

2.) For face: Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15 50ml

This is a fantastic moisturiser for all skin types, especially those looking for daily protection. It’s non-greasy and quickly absorbing and provides immediate nourishment and hydration and includes non-whitening SPF15 protection.Regular sunscreen on my face tends to make my skin break out, but this one has yet to create such unpleasantries on my face so I’m a big fan! It also helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – happy days!

3.) Aftersun

Perhaps you forgot to reapply your sunscreen, or maybe you just caught the sun unexpectedly, but Aftersun is a fantastic product to have on hand to cool off the skin after sun exposure.

Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion helps hydrate, moisturise, cool and protect the skin after exposure to the sun. The lotion combines organic Aloe Vera gel with extracts of Vitamin E, Avocado, Almond Oil, Chamomile and Lavender for optimum soothing and moisturising action. Other items to throw in your bag include sunglasses, sun hat and long sleeve options to cover your skin during the hottest time of the day.

4.) Hydrate

Be sure to keep well hydrated – keep a bottle of water nearby at all times.
Festivals often involve a lot of time in the sun, dancing, drinking and sweating!
Teamed up with 8 Chlorella tablets before and after drinking, this will give your liver a helping hand in breaking down the toxins from consuming alcohol.

It is also a good idea to keep electrolytes on hand which are mineral salts that include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These help to balance fluid levels in the body which is important after all the fluid loss through sweating.

5.) Wet Wipes: Faith in Nature 3-in-1 Facial Wipes
Excellent for taking off makeup, cleaning muddy hands and faces and attending to more intimate areas, especially when you’re having to get up close and personal to the porta-loos! These PH neutral 100% viscose wipes are soft, gentle and effective cleansing wipes. Formulated with Vitamin E and organic olive oil, these will help to cleanse and refresh your skin throughout the festival season.

6.) Hand Sanitizer: Bentley’s Organic Hand Sanitizer 50ml

A must have when encountering porta-loos, mud, hundreds of people and have little access to clean water or soap at times. This hand sanitizer is made with 90% organic ingredients. The organic aloe vera used in this unique formula makes it gentle on the skin and moisturising. It is alcohol, paraben and fragrance-free and gives up to 125 applications.

7.) Natural Deodorant – Urtekram Organic Rose Crystal Deodorant Roll-on 50ml

Let’s face it – by the end of day one nobody’s going to be smelling sweet and fresh after a day of festival frolics. Try giving a natural deodorant a go which will help to minimise bacteria and bad odour. Urtekram organic deodorant is delicately scented with rose, and contains natural ingredients so it is gentle on the skin. The natural mineral salt in Urtekram deodorants minimises bacteria and bad odour helping you to stay smelling sweet! I’m a big fan of the rose and the eucalyptus scent personally, go check them out!

8.) Skin Care

Beauty regimes may go a bit off course but you don’t need to give up the effort entirely!

Pai‘s Instant Calm Collection is perfectly sized and packaged for travelling or for the festival season. It features a muslin cloth, their award-winning Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, anti-inflammatory rich BioAffinity Tonic, and Calming Day Cream, providing the perfect level of hydration to keep skin comfortable and hydrated all day long. It’s great for removing makeup, festival dirt and general grub after a day in the sun.(don’t forget to fit your sunscreen into your regime!)

9.) Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

It’s likely that you’re not going to get in your 5-7 fruit and veg portions a day at a festival unless you’re really lucky with your food hut selections. You’re also going to be putting a lot more stress on your body, through less sleep, more exposure to the elements (sun, rain, wind) different eating patterns and food choices, and perhaps more alcohol consumption than normal. As a result your immune system may suffer and you could end up with a cold during or the days following – no fun!

To help prevent sickness, loss of energy and sun damage, whack in some goodness with a good dosage of multi-vits. Oxylent Multivitamin Supplement – Oxylent come in single sachets and each sachet provides the body with a full spectrum of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes.

Another option would be Spirulina or Chlorella tablets, or how about some greens powder mixed into water to rehydrate, alkalize, detox, give energy and ensure you’re getting in some greens!

10.) Healthy Snacks

It’s hard to be super healthy when you’re in a field full of people and no kitchen, so it’s good to be organised! Keeping snacks on hand is a great way to keep your health on track and your energy levels soaring. There are often food options going, but if you’re really stuck for a bite, keep on hand some of the following:

Nuts – Rich in magnesium, healthy fats and protein, nuts are great for keeping energy levels topped up throughout the day.
Nakd Bars – A simple blend of fruits and nuts pressed together into a handy bar. They contain no sugary syrups or artificial preservatives; just fruits and nuts. Really handy to throw a bunch in your bag.
Trek Bars and Cliff Bars -These are high in protein and give you good energy boost, so stock up if you have a lot of dancing ahead of you!
Dried Fruit – I find dried mango, mulberries or apricots a handy snack.

Lastly – enjoy have fun!!

– Emily 

Twitter @nourishstore