One popular question I get asked a lot is “Why are we advised to supplement our diets?”

Revive Active’s ethos stems from how the modern world is busy, stressed, fast paced and full of on the go workers, often working indoors and the majority being relatively inactive.

Our bodies have a constant struggle to detoxify the unavoidable pollutants we put into it such as environmental pollutants like car exhaust fumes, chemical laden washing and drinking water and pesticide ridden and nutritionally deficient foods.

This is where Revive Active comes in – they offer a health supplement that can help fill in those nutritional gaps we may have and help keep our bodies fueled, supported and energized.

Of course, a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables is ALWAYS the way to go, plus regular exercise and a good night’s sleep, but supplementation is a helping hand for those who feel the negative effects of a busy or stressful life, or for those who need additional support in their lives.

So, Who Are Revive Active?

Revive Active is an Irish natural health company based in Galway founded by Dáithi O Connor and Liam Salmon back in 2011. Revive Active have since grown into an extremely successful business, building up a fantastic team along the way consisting of doctors, scientists, production experts and expert Nutritionists, and has also expanded their range to include several new products.

What does Revive Active Offer Me and How Does it Benefit Me?

Revive Active is an all natural health supplement formulated with a unique blend of 26 active ingredients, designed to enhance cardiovascular health, boost energy levels and support the immune system. It even has the added benefit of helping to combat the degenerative side effects of the ageing process – woo hoo!

The Revive Active health supplement is the most popular Revive product at Nourish as it offers a wide range of benefits, all thanks to these key ingredients:

Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10)
Vitamin K2
Vitamin C, E and Selenium

These ingredients are the masterminds behind the following health benefits you should expect to receive:

Improved Energy Levels:

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a fat-soluble nutrient produced naturally by our bodies and is used to produce energy for cell growth and maintenance, to help protect the heart and skeletal muscles and works to increase your body’s energy levels.

CoQ10 pairs very well with the important amino acid L-Carnitine to support heart and brain function, muscle movement and to increase your body’s energy levels by helping to break down stored fats and convert them into energy (that got everyone’s attention right?!)

Revive Active is rich in B Vitamins, known to be great energy boosters, mood enhancers and the overall good guys to a healthy happy lifestyle.
B vitamins not only increase energy levels, but they also help with overall brain function, anxiety, memory, depression and focus, not to mention their importance in the health of red blood cells and nerves.

D ribose works as a great energy source, helping to improve tiredness and chronic fatigue, as well as being supportive during sport to boost muscle energy.

Magnesium is a fantastic mineral for a whole host of bodily requirements; one being its use in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Immune System Support:

Revive Active contains high amounts of Vitamin C (500mg in each dose) which is renowned for its immune supporting benefits; helping to keep away the pesky colds and flu’s that crop up through the year.

B Vitamins are key players in our health and play an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines. These essential nutrients help just about everything, including supporting and encouraging a healthy immune system.

Heart Health Support:

Revive active contains a combination of L-Arginine and L-Citulline which both work together to generate a healthy blood flow and boost circulation.

Ongoing studies continue to suggest the amazing benefits Coenzyme Q10 could have on heart health, including its benefits in maintaining the normal oxidative state of LDL cholesterol, supporting circulatory health and encouraging optimal functioning of the heart muscle. Revive Active contains a whopping 100mg of CoQ10in one serving.

Anti-Aging Properties:

Revive contains a generous amount of beautifying ingredients to help fight off the aging process, including vitamin C, E and selenium.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect the body’s cells from free radical damage, encourage faster wound healing, slow down the aging process and even promote collagen formation.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and one of the most efficient vitamins in the job at fighting off those pesky wrinkle and sag forming free radicals.

Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant that you want on your side, plus it too helps fight radicals and helps promote healthy skin hair and nails.

A combination of CoQ10 with powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C,E and Selenium and minerals may improve skin roughness and fine wrinkles.

Bone Health Support:

Revive Active contains a range of bone health supporting nutrients including vitamin K2, D3 and magnesium.
Vitamin K2 works to aid optimum D3 absorption as well as promoting bone density to help prevent osteoporosis .

Additional benefits:

Revive Active Health Supplement is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and approved by the UK Vegetarian Society.
It is also gluten free, contains no additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

How do you take Revive Active Health Supplement?

Revive Active is a breeze to take, simply open up one sachet and mix it with water once a day for a refreshing tasty orange flavoured drink.
For maximum benefit, Revive Active should be taken before food in the morning because more of the product is available for absorption when it is not competing with other foods at that time.

It’s available in single sachets, a 7 day pack or 30 day pack.

How long do you take it for?

Depending on the reason for taking this supplement, the length of time you may wish to take it varies. If it is for energy, most people feel a difference pretty much straight away, and for those with more serious fatigue issues it can show improvements in as little as week or two.
For those using this supplement to support heart health, immune system and bone health, it is recommended that you should try the product for at least 90 days to really see how effective it is for you individually.

We have many customers here in Nourish who continue to take Revive every day because of the convenience of getting such a high load of key nutrients in a single dose so they don’t need to worry about nutritional deficiencies.

It’s also worth noting that to purchase each of these individual ingredients in the same quantities, you’d be looking at a much steeper price tag per month and a lot more pill popping. Revive makes it really convenient by grouping all of the most highly absorbable forms into one easy to drink effervescent drink.

Who shouldn’t take it?

It is generally recommended that anyone under the age of 18 should not use l-arginine supplements because specific studies on children have not been conducted.
And as with any nutritional supplement, you must always consult your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, lactating, have a known medical condition of any kind or are taking medication.

Other products available from Revive Active include:

Revive Mastermind – Revive Active Mastermind is an all-inclusive supplement combining amazing active ingredients that have been proven to play a key role in mental performance, brain and cognitive function.

Revive Active Joint Complex Revive Active Joint Complex contains key ingredients that may help to reduce inflammation, repair cartridge and improve flexibility.

Revive Active Ubiquinol Coq10 – a highly active and absorbable form of Coq10 for heart health, energy production and immune function support.

Revive Active Krill Oil – an extremely bioavailable source of essential omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA for brain, heart, eye and joint health.

Revive Active Zest Active – A caffeine-free energy and immunity boost specifically catered to the needs of 20-35 year olds. Optimal doses of 14 vitamins & minerals to promote healthy well-being.

If any of you have tried Revive Active or are using it right now, we’d love to know more about your experience with it.
Please send us any feedback you have as I’m sure it would be highly useful for others interested in the product.

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*Please note that while we are knowledgeable about our products and nutrition, this blog should never be a substitute for medical advice and attention

Please remember that you should always obtain the all-clear from your doctor before starting any new supplement plan or diet if you’re on any medication

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