How to Make Matcha Tea


In my last blog we discovered the benefits of Matcha.
To delve a little deeper, let’s get more hands on and taste it for ourselves!
In this blog I’ll cover how to make Matcha tea and Matcha lattes in a few simple steps. 

Let’s get to it!

Matcha Tea


½ – 1 tsp Matcha Powder (depending on required energy levels)

Hot Water (roughly 150-200ml but really it’s down to personal dilution preference) Make sure the water is a maximum temperature of 80°C and never boiling – this will damage the health properties of the tea as well as causing the tea to turn out very bitter in flavour.
The water can be cooler than 80°C if desired.


Add the Matcha tea powder to a Matcha tea bowl or into a cup and add a small amount of hot water to the bowl – enough to make a wet paste.

Using a bamboo whisk, whisk briskly in a figure of 8 or an up-and-down direction to make a thick, green paste with no lumps.

Add more hot water to fill your bowl/cup up to the desired level and whisk until frothy. 

Sweeten if desired.

I have often used my little mini electric whisk to get the same frothy consistency, and more than a few times I’ve even added it to my blender to whisk it all together!

Matcha Latte

If you want to make this into a Matcha latte, simply follow the same procedure as above, reduce or eliminate the water and replace it with a milk of your choice.
I love coconut and almond milk, and I heat the milk up on the stove and whisk it up with my mini electric whisk to froth it up.
If you have a coffee machine with a milk frother, go wild with that!

Fancy an iced latte instead? No problem. Just do the same as above but using cold water/milk to make the powder into a paste, then blend/froth up your milk of choice, add some ice and sweetener if desired and enjoy!

One of the greatest things about matcha tea is that it’s not just for tea and lattes! You can add matcha tea powder to smoothies, cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, and even ice cream – so good!

A Note On Storage: Matcha tea is extremely sensitive to both light and heat, so make sure to keep it in an area as dark and airtight as possible as this will help to decrease the time it takes to oxidize, keeping it fresher for longer. 

Generally it’s advised to consume your matcha within about 6-8 weeks, but it can keep its freshness up to 3 months so long as it’s not constantly exposed to light or heat.
A popular way to keep your matcha fresh it to store it in the fridge or freezer. I always keep my matcha in the fridge.

Happy Brewing!

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