Guide to a Good Health Regime for Mums-To-Be


There’s a lot of advice rolling around the internet for mums-to-be. What to eat, what not to, how to exercise. It can get a bit exhausting. 
Hopefully this blog post will help condense some of that down for you.
This guide to a good health regime for mums-to-be will cover 7 tips for keeping your health and sanity during your pregnancy.

Remember, you should always obtain the all-clear from your doctor before starting any new workouts or diets. But once you’ve got the all-clear, dig into our Guide to a Good Health Regime for Mums-To-Be.

Guide to a Good Health Regime for Mums-To-Be

mums-to-be meditation

1. Focus on your Breath and/or Meditate

Pregnancy is the perfect time to really tune in with yourself and to listen to your body. Oddly, breathing is often something we don’t even think about. It’s just part of the way we function.
However, whether you’re expecting or not, it is a really good idea to get into a regular habit of really focusing on your breath. Especially when you’re pregnant.
Not only does it help to keep you in the moment, allowing you to improve your sense of concentration and focus, but breathing is also a very important part of delivering a baby. It helps the body prepare for the process of labour. It helps to relax the body both mentally and physically, helping to take the mind off pain during labour.

Meditating, or focusing on your breath, can be a fantastic tool to help ease the signs or symptoms of anxiety, stress, nerves. Equally, if the constant inner monologue that many of us are subjected to at times needs quieting, meditation is great for this.

Focusing on your breath and meditation can help to teach you how to discipline your mind and be in ‘the now’, allowing your mind to still.

How it works:

You only need a few minutes. A few minutes of total ‘you time’ to really help bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment. This will aid any mums-to-be during the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts during pregnancy. (Not to scare you off!)

When you first start meditating you may notice your mind is very active with thoughts racing around. Don’t worry. In time you can learn to just allow them to float past, not giving them the time of day or reaction they crave. You can let time and space exist without judgement or over-analysis.

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mums-to-be nourishment

2. Nourish Yourself

Remember that your little bump will take all of the nutrients it needs from YOU. Hence, you must ensure your nutrient levels are adequate for both nurturing your baby and yourself. If you are low in any number of nutrients, you will be left deficient in these nutrients which will ultimately affect your state of health.

A good prenatal can help fill in any nutritional gaps and is, of course, best taken alongside your nourishing diet. Aim to put a focus on fresh, unprocessed, unrefined whole food to give your body the best quality nutrition in its best and most absorbable form.

Mums-to-be, ensure you have a well-balanced diet consisting of adequate protein, healthy fats, fruits and plenty of vegetables, green leafy veg and fresh water. Especially focusing on nutrient-dense food to help you and your baby thrive!

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mums-to-be exercise

3. Exercise

It is important to keep yourself active during pregnancy. Whether it is a gentle walk or swim daily, or a prenatal yoga class. [Learn more about the benefits of prenatal yoga.]

Staying on the move can help keep you become strong and flexible throughout your pregnancy and during labour and birth.

Exercise has many positive effects on the mood and physical disposition of both you the mum-to-be and the development of your baby.
When things get a little tough, even going for a short walk or a doing few gentle yoga poses can help improve your mood, raise your energy levels and bring about a new attitude.

mums-to-be ditch the toxic products

4. Green Your Beauty Routine

Your skin can absorb up to 70% of what you put on it. Everything that goes on and in your body while you are pregnant can affect your growing baby. There have been many scientific studies linking these chemicals to hormonal disruptions, allergies, defects in growth and even cancer – eek!

Green up your beauty routine by replacing any toxic makeup, personal skincare and hygiene items with organic and naturally sourced versions.
Have a peek at our skincare range for mum and baby here.

Some women find their skin can become more sensitive during this time also, so removing any chemical-filled toxic ingredients from your daily routine will also benefit you.

Stretch marks

For a lot of women, the joyful and exciting arrival of their home-grown little human is often accompanied by an array of stretch marks and/or dry itchy skin.
The skin on your belly will stretch an incredible amount thus creating these markings. To help avoid or at least minimize these unwanted stretch marks, it is important to keep your baby belly, breasts, and bottom well moisturized. Ensure you use a non-toxic organic belly butter or oil and apply morning and night to keep skin soft, supple and stretch mark free.

Coconut oil is also a very popular choice, as is sweet almond oil. Used alone or alongside natural belly butters, these have powerful moisture retention and healing properties to keep your skin soft and nourished!

mums-to-be prenatal massage

5. Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a really nice way to help keep you feeling your best.
Make sure you find a skilled and qualified therapist and let them get to work on that unwanted back pain, swelling, or general discomfort.

You might even just find that the actual act of going helps to relieve any build-up of stress or fatigue.
Prenatal massage is also a good tool to help keep your circulation flowing, a bonus for a more relaxed delivery.

6. Rest

Rest during pregnancy is essential. You are literally growing another human inside of you, so now is not the time to be doing 101 things! 
It takes a lot of energy for your body to grow your baby so let it have that time.

It can become a bit more difficult as your pregnancy progresses to rest as much as you want to, so try to use any free afternoons for a nap if and when you can.
The more rest you manage to get whilst your pregnant, the more prepared you’ll be for the demands of labour, delivery and aftercare for both you and your little’n!

7. Socialise

Becoming a new mum can feel quite overwhelming for some.
An array of different emotions can race through you.
Excitement, nervousness, stress, anxiety, joy, happiness, fear, hope, the list goes on.

  • Educate yourself by talking to others and learning.
  • Speak to women who have gone through pregnancy themselves.
  • Speak to doctors, naturopaths, midwives and friends.
  • Read books, watch videos, and learn as much as you can so that you feel confident in the steps you are taking, and the decisions you are making.
  • Try joining a class where you can meet other mums-to-be and make new friends, connections and share the same experience. Who knows, a prenatal class might be the birth of a new friendship or two!

I hope these this guide to a good health regime for mums-to-be helps you through your exciting life-changing time. Good luck!

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