The Adventure’s of Tiggy: Nourish’s Rescue Cat


Posted: Wed, 18 January 2017, 17:11

It is pretty much an unwritten rule that everyone who works for Nourish loves animals. So when I came across a scared little stray kitten darting between the traffic outside Merchant’s Quay in Dublin, I couldn’t leave her. Waiting for a break in the traffic I ran into the road and scooped her up into my arms. I didn’t realise just how tiny she was until she was snuggled into my jumper. My first thought was to bring her straight home before I realised that firstly, animals are forbidden in my apartment, and secondly, my housemates were far from cat fans.

The only logical thing I could think to do was to bring her back to Nourish HQ on Wicklow St. It was now 7pm in the evening so everyone had already gone home. I brought the tiny kitten upstairs into the web office and wrapped her in a Nourish Jumper. I called Joanna, who was working as one of the web store employees at the time…

Joanna adores cats and makes a habit of rescuing them so knows exactly what they need. Joanna ran straight over with some kitten milk and brought her home in a little box.

That night, we put adverts all over Facebook, the Dublin Vegan pages, and contacted a cat sanctuary to report a found pet. The next day Joanna brought her to the vet. According to the vet, it was likely that she was a stray and following an examination, found that there was an infection on her belly that had left her with a 25% chance of survival. She was going to need an awful lot of medical attention, with the vet reckoning she would not last the night.

Joanna brought her back to the office where she sat in her box while we worked (she was too sick to be left at home). At night time, she brought the kitten home, feeding and hydrating her every hour all through the night. We set up a fundraising box in the staff kitchen to help pay for her vet bills and she miraculously (with thanks to Joanna’s dedication) pulled through!

The kitten still needed to be brought into the office so that she could be looked after. At this point, we were desperately trying to find a suitable home for her, though none of us wanted to see her go! (She was a great desk companion). That’s when Derek, the founder and director of Nourish first set eyes on her.  He immediately agreed to take her home. 

Flash forward a few months and our Nourish kitten (now aptly named Tiggy) is, as Derek describes her, delightfully insane. She certainly keeps the Kelly household on their toes. Between hiding in the dishwasher, trying to jump into the T.V when David Attenborough’s Animal Planet is on, and pulling down the Christmas tree, she is anything but a boring cat. She’s full of beans and is more than cheeky; still playing with Derek’s now torn up hands and sofa! Best of buds, she even treks down to Kerry with him at the weekends and surprisingly, loves travelling in the car. Derek says he’s going to put her on the back of his motorbike next (joke!).

We hope you like the photos of her transition from lost to found. It’s not our usual kind of blog post but we thought – hey! Why not? It’s what Nourish is all about after all! x