8 Essential Supplements to Support Healthy Travels |Pt 2


Welcome to part two of our 8 Essential Supplements to Support Healthy Travels. In part one we covered:

  • fermented foods and probiotics
  • digestive enzymes
  • magnesium
  • b vitamins
  • vitamin c

To have a good read about them check out part one here.
Let’s continue you on shall we!

adaptogens essential supplements

No. 6 – Adaptogens

Essentially adaptogens are herbs or botanical substances that help the body to adjust to the different stressors in your life.
These can include:

  • environmental toxins
  • pollution
  • stress
  • poor sleeping habits
  • insomnia
  • anxiety and extreme nervousness.

That pretty much sums up the stresses that result from travelling hey?

In order to support your body before, during and after travelling, I recommend adding one or two adaptogens into your supplement routine.
These can be added to:

  • smoothies
  • teas
  • lattes (turmeric lattes/hot cacao beverages/mushroom lattes/matcha tea)
  • porridge
  • pancakes
  • bliss balls
  • or as a capsule or powdered supplement.

Here’s a small list of just some of my favourite adaptogens to help you before, during and after travelling:


A great herb for soothing the nervous system, encouraging a sense of calmness and supporting the immune system. Read more about it here on What’s the Scoop on Ashwagandha.


Rhodiola is an amazing herb for combating stress, fighting fatigue or when you’re feeling blue.
This herb helps you to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced, high-stress world. This is thanks to its anti-stress and fatigue-fighting properties and its ability to promote energy, endurance and stamina.

maca essential supplements


Maca is a root vegetable that grows in the Peruvian Andes. It’s high in antioxidants, boosts stamina, energy, mood and vitality and supports the hormonal system.
Read more about it here on What’s the Scoop on Maca.

chaga essential supplements


Chaga mushroom is a great supplement to take before, during and after a holiday or flight. That’s because it’s perfect for easing anxiety, stress, and nervousness. And not only that, but Chaga also has anti-microbial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. And further, on top of that, it’s able to help support and regulate the immune system and work as an adaptogen to help the body in times of stress.

Chaga also contains extremely high levels of antioxidants which help to fight free-radicals which can cause cell damage. Travel tends to have a way of wearing down the immune system. Plus airports, rest stops and planes are infamous breeding grounds for germs. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep up your antioxidant intake to allow your body to be better prepared to protect itself. Learn more about chaga here on my blog. What’s the Scoop On: Chaga.

reishi essential supplements


Reishi is the ultimate balancing adaptogen. It supports the immune system and soothes the nervous system by easing anxiety and promoting relaxation and sleep.

It’s important to know that reishi needs to be taken over a longer period of time to get the full benefits. Learn more about it here on my blog. What’s the Scoop on: Reishi Mushroom.


Triphala is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulation consisting of three fruits native to the Indian subcontinent: Amalaki, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. This herb is most commonly known for its use as:

  • a gentle bowel tonic
  • helping digestion supporting regular bowel movements.
  • a natural antioxidant

No. 7 – Stress-Reducing/Sleep Enhancing Supplements

Passiflora (aka Passionflower)

Passionflower is a fantastic remedy for anyone feeling burned out, exhausted, nervous, anxious or having trouble sleeping. It’s a wonderful natural sedative, a nerve-calming agent and a sleep aid. For this reason, it is often able to help people relax, unwind and enjoy a well-deserved good night’s sleep. Something that doesn’t always happen the days leading up to a holiday, or the jet-lagged filled days following. That’s why for me, it is certainly one for the essential supplements list.

If you’re struggling to wind down, try taking some Passiflora herbal tincture.

Melissa drea

Nordic Naturals Melissa Dream

This lovely supplement combines calming lemon balm, l-theanine, chamomile, magnesium and b vitamins. Nordic Naturals Melissa Dream capsules are incredibly supportive to anyone who’ struggling to sleep because of an overwhelming amount of thoughts, worrying or stress. The combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals help to calm you down during the day or prepare you for sound, deep sleep.


Alternatively, some people find valerian tincture to work out better for them, taken 30 minutes before bed or when trying to sleep on the plane.

For more information on ways to reduce anxiety see my previous blog here on Natural Ways to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Fear.

sneaky greens

No. 8 – Greens Powders/Tablets

Not only will you feel so much better when you up your intake of greens, but you will also radiate this feeling right out of your body. Your skin health will glow, your hair will shine, your energy levels will rise. Even your digestive system will be more than delighted.

Greens in the form of leafy green veggies, algae like spirulina and chlorella and grasses like wheatgrass and barley grass are packed full of the goods. They contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants to help optimise your health. They will help contribute to boosted energy and vitality levels, support the immune system and fill in any nutritional gaps.

If you need an extra hand in getting your veggie intake up, try incorporating a supplement like:

If you’re curious how to take these, check out my blog post How to Get Greens Powders into Your Daily Routine During Winter [including recipes].

Extra Nugget

A heads up if you’re planning on a cheeky drink when away. Taking 8 x chlorella tablets before and 8 after alcohol consumption with plenty of water can help remove toxins from the blood and help relieve a hangover. This does not mean you should drink in excess, but it will support your body and especially your liver in clearing out the toxins, ultimately easing your hangover.

Some evidence suggests that chlorella may increase skin sensitivity to the sun so make sure to apply your sunscreen and keep it at hand if you’re going out in the sun.
For more info check out my previous blog What’s the Scoop on Greens.

And that’s it for our 8 Essential Supplements to Support Healthy Travels.
For part one check out 8 Essential Supplements to Support Healthy Travels | Part 1.

Happy Holidays folks 🙂 

Emily Nöth

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