Our Top Probiotics Facts


Probiotics are one of our top selling products and it’s no wonder why – probiotics are an often overlooked but super important part of your body. Here are our top facts about probiotics 

  • Did you know that we have 60 trillion bacteria in our intestine?
  • Bacteria exist in our intestines while we are still in the womb!
  • If we offset the balance between good bacteria, bad bacteria and yeast, it can seriously affect our health.
  • Supermarket bought probiotic foods such as yoghurts and drinks can be negligent. Their high sugar or artificial sweetener content feeds the bad bacteria in our tummys thus outnumbering any good bacteria taken in. 
  • Some good foods containing probiotics are fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles etc.
  • Bad bacteria create gas when they respire. Thus when we don’t have enough probiotics we can become bloated, suffer from a multitude of digestive problems, and in some cases even gain weight.
  • Our digestive tract and skin are both detox organs. Often a problem in your tummy will show up as a breakout or problem with your skin. Thus, sometimes we find taking in probiotics can reduce breakouts. 

So when might you need to try a probiotic supplement?

  • When you have been on a course of antibiotics (Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your system – good and bad!)
  • If you have had food poisoning or a tummy bug.
  • When you are travelling
  • When you are stressed
  • If your immune system seems weak.
  • If you are suffering from a yeast infection.