One-to-One Interview with Rita Tarvydaite, Nourish Training Manager – Part 1


Posted: Thu, 05 July 2018, 11:33

Rita Tarvydaite; Nourish Training Manager

Interview with Rita Tarvydaite, Nourish Training Manager,
Herbalist and Naturopath

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Q. What inspired you to start working in Health Foods?

Well, I guess I have always been interested in health and nutrition. Growing up I remember my parents using natural remedies alongside conventional medicine, they made their own kombucha and sauerkraut too. It seemed to have been a very common practice. Then later in life, I became vegetarian and I progressed into veganism. Therefore, I always felt the need to find out more about nutrition and what products are available in the health market. I came across Nourish and thought it would be a good fit for me, as I was aware of the great training provided.

Q. How long are you a Vegan?

Roughly about 6 years now and I have been a veggie for 9 years.

Q. You have worked with Nourish for over 7 years. Can you describe what changes you have noticed in recent years compared to when you first started?

First of all, I noticed that it’s always changing, as there is a constant flow of new research coming out related to certain diets or supplements. In the last few years, I have noticed people moving away from synthetic, over-processed, mainstream supplements. Instead, customers seem to care even more now about the quality and the ethics of the brands, such as Terra Nova, Viridian, Wild Nutrition and Nature’s Plus garden range, all being good examples.
Also, In the last few years, I have noticed a huge growth in vegan diet & lifestyle. It is great to see people including more plant-based foods into their daily diet and trying new things.

Q. Why do you think customers come to Nourish GPO, instead of going to their local supermarket?

Well, we are a specialised store. We carry products which are more ethical and are harder to find in the usual supermarkets. We also cater for vegan, celiac, wheat free, paleo diets, and many others. Although we are such a central store, we pride ourselves in having a community feel. We know the majority of our customers by name and have a great friendship with them. I would like to believe, that for many, it’s not just about coming in to pick something up. Instead, I believe that they come in for the experience and a friendly chat.

Q. So do people ask you for advice on different issues?

Yes; they do. In fact, the main part of the day is talking to customers. Our team knowledge is another reason we have so many repeat customers. Nourish staff are well educated about the products we sell in-store, as well as different diets and health ailments. Therefore, I believe our customers appreciate this level of knowledge, which is not usually available in a supermarket.

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