One-to-One Interview with Rita Tarvydaite, Nourish Training Manager – Part 3


Q. If you are asked to help a customer who has trouble sleeping what approach would you take?

It is probably one of the most common questions we get. As with any enquiry, we would ask the right questions to find the most appropriate remedy or solution for the customer. There are so many sleeping aids available in our Nourish Stores. Irish Botanica’s Valerian herbal tincture is one of the most popular remedies.  This herb contains a natural chemical called valerenic acid, which works on the central nervous system as a natural sedative with a gentle calming effect. In addition, it works as a muscle relaxant, therefore can be great for anyone who suffers from tension as well as sleeping issues.

Q. What type of questions would you ask at the start when talking to someone who suffers from lack of sleep?

At the start, we will always ask if the person is already taking medication, how long has this problem existed for and so on. Is it new to them or is it something they have had for years? Some people have not been sleeping properly for 20 years or over, you would be surprised. We would also ask if falling asleep is difficult, or is it waking up in the middle of the night? Are they actually sleeping at night, but when they wake up they don’t feel rested?

We would always give advice on the diet and lifestyle too. Often the very simple things like avoiding caffeine, tea and coffee or cutting down on sugary type snacks in the evening, could be very beneficial.

There are different reasons for different people, depending on their situation. So really, no one advise is the same. 

Some other remedies for sleeping:

A.Vogel Avena sativa and Passiflora are both great relaxing herbs. They contain phytoconstituents, which have a very positive effect on your nervous system. Avena sativa herb is also very nutritive, as it is rich in B-vitamins and amino acids. Both of these remedies can also be used during the day for stress relief, as well as for night time as a sleeping aid.

Some nutrients/supplements that may be helpful:

Magnesium citrate can help to relieve muscular tension and aid relaxation, therefore it can be beneficial to use it as a supplement in your daily routine.

Omega 3 supplements such as Nordic natural’s algae omega, Eskimo oil or Udo’s choice are all great sources of essential fatty acids. The supplementation of these nutrients can have a very positive effect on the nervous system and sleeping patterns.

Q. What do you most like about your job at Nourish?

There is a lot I like. There’s actually nothing I don’t like. I would have to say hands down that the most favourite part of my job is meeting customers. It’s having the opportunity to help people, as it is the most rewarding experience. You take your time with every customer, and you give them the best advice you possibly can.

In addition, I also enjoy the constant learning and keeping up with new research and trends of the health trade.

Q. What is your favourite country to visit and why?

I would have to say it is the UK, particularly London. As part of Nourish we visit London every year. We go to see what is new and their selection of goods in health food stores. This keeps us up to date and gives us new ideas about products we could bring back to our customers here in Dublin.

Q. Finally; what are your 3 products from Nourish you couldn’t live without?

There would have to be a lot more than three products I cannot live without, he!  However, one of them has to be Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold Multivitamin. I think it is one of the products a lot of our customers couldn’t live without. It is a wholefood-based multi with a lot of great superfoods and antioxidants added to it.  It covers a lot of nutritional needs for most people who have busy lives. It has the best forms of all the nutrients, therefore it is highly absorbable. It is fantastic for energy, general well-being and the immunity. Just to add, that really no matter how well we think we eat, if our food is generically produced by nowadays standards, it can be very poor quality and with very low nutrient status. Therefore adding a multi-vitamin to your daily routine is a sensible thing to do.

The second item would have to be Pai Skincare chamomile daily moisturiser. It’s a fantastic product. It is organic, vegan and made out of the most beautiful natural ingredients.  There are no chemicals added to into their products whatsoever. Therefore it is very simple and extremely effective for dry, sensitive and redness prone skin.

For the number three, I would pick a foodie item. Superlife Breakfast topping is definitely one of the most delicious products we have. It is basically a bunch of superfoods in one bag, including goji berries, mulberries and cacao nibs. It is very good for busy people, who don’t have time to buy all these different ingredients to make sure they get enough nutrition. So, put a spoonful or two of it into your yoghurt, porridge or just take it as a snack. You get a great variety of nutrition within it.

Rita Tarvydaite, Store Manager, Nourish GPO is a Herbalist and Naturopath.

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This is part 3of a 3-part series of our Q & A sessions with Rita Tarvydaite. Make sure to check our Part 1 and Part 2 on the Nourish Blog!

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