Beat the Breakfast Blues: Healthy Ways to Start Your Day – The Happy Pear Bircher Muesli


I’m wrapping up our week of beating the breakfast blues with this hero of a breakfast recipe: The Happy Pear’s Bircher Muesli. 
Not only is it delicious, but it packs a punch of nutrients that will carry you through your morning, no coffee included.



  1. Add your oats, raisins, goji’s and chia seeds to a bowl, glass jar or container
  2. Add your milk of choice and cover it before putting into the fridge.
  3. In the morning add your fresh fruit/toppings such as blueberries, raspberries, grated apple, banana coins or a dollop of yoghurt.

    It’s really handy to put into a glass jar and bring into work if you’re not somebody who likes to eat the minute they wake up but prefers to eat later.

    It also makes it portable, so if you’re going on a long drive or flight you can pop it into your bag and consume it on the road.

    Of course, you can just put it in a bowl and eat it the next morning – the choice is yours!

Bircher muesli is one of my favourite breakfasts. Why? Because this breakfast is made up the night before you plan to eat it and left overnight. That’s one reason it’s also known as ‘overnight oats’. This allows the oats to soak and soften, and the chia seeds to swell up making a really satisfying brekkie.
You can even make up a batch and bring it into work any day of the week to add an extra zing to your workday!

bircher muesli

I really like to alternative my toppings with this bircher muesli. Sometimes I like to add this chia jam through it for additional sweetness and colour. Other times this raw buckwheat breakfast granola makes a nice crunchy change.
There are so many ways to adjust this recipe to your taste, so keep experimenting. Try cacao powder, fruit powders, different plant-based milks. Maybe even try adding millet flakes, quinoa pops etc. Play around and see what you like.

If you’re a fan of this kind of recipe, check out our recipe for Overnight Oats and Chia.

That’s a wrap on our Beat the Breakfast Blues blog series.

I hope now you’re all inspired to get creative in the kitchen and fill up those bellies every morning with a whole variety of tasty nutritious brekkies!

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– Emily Nöth

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