Roasted Beetroot and Toasted Walnut Pesto (Vegan-Friendly!)


What looks better on a picnic table than a beautiful pasta salad slathered in a blushing pink pesto?

Pink pesto you ask?

Well once you add beetroot to your pesto you’ll never look back. A perfectly subtle sweet and earthy flavour coupled with fresh garlic and toasted walnuts – a match made in heaven.
If you want to get the full beauty of this dish, I would suggest roasting your own beetroots but if you want to add pre-cooked shop bought beetroot that will of course work also (Just steer clear of the jarred stuff!).


  • 3 large beetroots (cooked)
  • fresh garlic. The amount depends on your taste but I use 3 cloves.
  • ½ cup of walnuts
  • A good squeeze of lemon juice
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A handful of basil or parsley


  1. Start by toasting the walnuts. Preheat the oven to 150C. Scatter the walnuts over a baking tray and pop into the oven for 6-7 minutes. It’s essential that you keep an eye on them or you could be throwing out burnt nuts for the rest of the day!
  2. When the beetroots are ready, chop into smaller pieces and add to your food processor. Simply add the rest of the ingredients and blend until you reach your desired consistency.
  3. Give the pesto a taste and add some more lemon juice, salt, or pepper as you feel it needs. If you prefer a more liquid consistency you can add more olive oil to the mix.
  4. Stir through pasta or spread over some good quality toasted bread for a delicious snack.

This Roasted Beetroot and Toasted Walnut Pesto is a fantastic addition to a multitude of dishes.

  • Spread over toast
  • Dip veggies into it
  • Mix through pasta
  • Dip crackers/bread sticks in
  • Use as a side in a big bowl of quinoa, roasted veg, salad etc.
  • Add to a salad
  • Add to blini’s
  • Make your own pizza and go wild with the toppings!
roasted beetroot and toasted walnut pesto

Pesto is a great option for those that love to food prep for the days or week ahead. It’s amazing how a little pesto can spice up a meal and add a pop of colour.
This roasted beetroot and toasted walnut pesto is also a great protein hit, so it makes a great snack option. One that’s not only tasty but incredibly satiating.

Hiding your greens in pesto is another great way to get in your greens without having to munch on raw leaves! Plus, if you find it difficult to get your kids to eat greens, pesto is a great way to sneak them in!

If you’re a big fan of beetroot, have a nosy over at our beetroot hummus recipe.

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