Quite the favourite range with our lovely Nourish customers, Viridian Nutrition is a UK-based family owned and managed natural health supplement company who produce a range of pure, ethical and environmentally friendly supplements to support and improve health naturally.

Their ingredients are ethically sourced, guaranteed non-GM, non-irradiated with 100% active ingredients and no nasty additives, sugars, colourings or flavourings whatsoever.

Many of Viridian supplements are also certified by the Soil Association and all the packaging is made from recyclable materials where possible – can I get a raise of hands who just LOVE this approach!

In this blog we’re talking top picks for everyday ailments and which supplements may help you, because sometimes in life, everyday ailments rear their ugly heads and we need a little extra TCL.

Supplementation is not a replacement for a healthy diet, and as you have heard from me on countless occasions, it is of number one importance to eat a diet based around whole foods, ensuring we are eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, and drinking plenty of water.
That being said however, supplementation can be an excellent tool to ensure we’re keeping our nutrient levels where they should be and our bodies in tip-top health!

So let’s get to it, The Best of Viridian: Our Top Picks for Everyday Ailments


Viridian Magnesium Hi-Potency or Viridian Magnesium Citrate Powder

Stress drains the body of magnesium which makes it no surprise to hear that people who are under stress or suffer from anxiety are often deficient in this mineral.

Magnesium is a very important nutrient to help you relax, helping to promote the feeling of calmness and relaxation, as well as increasing energy and reducing irritability – just what the doctor ordered!

Supplementation and a good diet that includes plenty of magnesium rich green leafy veggies is a good way to start topping up those levels and dialing down those stress levels.

Viridian L-Theanine and Lemon Balm

L-Theanine is an amino acid which is commonly found in green tea. It plays a key role in mood support and is most commonly used to reduce stress, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and tension by inducing a more relaxed mental state.

L-Theanine and lemon balm work wonderfully together to help those suffering from sleeping difficulties that are caused by the above problems, and allow the mind to become more relaxed and ease tension.

If you find yourself under pressure and losing the ability to focus (which ultimately stresses you out more!) L-theanine is your guy.
It’s also a fantastic supplement to help with concentration and brain fog, which is especially good for students who are studying, or those suffering from these symptoms either at work or at home.

Viridian High Five B Complex with Magnesium

B vitamin deficiencies are often associated with chronic stress, anxiety and nervous disorders, therefore it’s a good idea to supplement with a decent B-complex (including B-12, B 6 and B-5) to help improve overall adrenal health, mood, focus, memory and energy.

B vitamins work best together rather than singularly, so a decent B complex is the way to go
B vitamins are incredibly vital to stress tolerance, are essential for your nerves to function properly, to support your adrenal glands and your stress hormones, and are utilized in all other areas of the body.

With elevated stress and perhaps increased sugar or caffeine levels, your levels will be dropping like a free-falling melon (or any other object of your choice!) so you want to get those levels whacked up to feel an ease in your symptoms.

Viridian High Five Multivitamin and Mineral

Since chronic stress can strip your body of lots of your essential nutrients, it is important to obtain these vitamins and minerals from food and supplementation to balance the stress response and get your nutrient levels balanced.

Obtaining high levels B vitamins including B6 and B5 and B12, as well as vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and zinc will help give your body the nutrients it needs to support itself and be able to cope more effectively.

Viridian Max Potency Rhodiola or Viridian Enhanced Rhodiola

I love love love Rhodiola.
It truly is an amazing herb which offers fantastic support to those of you under stress, feeling physically and emotionally drained, suffering from anxiety, feeling a bit blueor suffering the stresses of this fast-paced high stress world.

With its anti-stress and fatigue-fighting properties and its ability to promote energy, endurance and stamina, Rhodila is your new secret weapon to stress management.

Because of its adaptogenic qualities, Rhodiola significantly increases your body’s tolerance to stressors, including mental, physical or environmental by regulating the way in which your body responds to stress triggers.

See more about Rhodiola here on my previous blog 6 Helpful Herbs You May Never Have Heard of But Should

Colds and Flu

Viridian Ester C 550mg and 950mg

Ester C is a highly effective and easily absorbable patented form of vitamin C that is buffered to make it gentler on the stomach, particularly useful when larger amounts are consumed (as is often the case when you’re sick, as requirements are higher during infection).

Studies have time and time again proven the great effectiveness of Vitamin C in high dosages for prevention and relief of cold and flu symptoms. Vitamin C is the master of nutrients when it comes to supporting the immune system and is an ideal preventative and curative when supplemented at 1000-2000mg per day as shown in studies.

Taken at the onset of symptoms, Vitamin C can help stop that cold in its tracks, especially if taken in regular doses throughout the day. 
Remember though that Vitamin C is water soluble, so it’s easily flushed out the body, especially if you’re sweating a lot due to fever. This is why it needs to be replenished at regular intervals to keep high vitamin C levels in the blood system at all times during infection.

Viridian Liquid Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t just for strong bones and healthy teeth, it’s also a great immune supporting and boosting vitamin that is often something we’re deficient in, especially this side of the equator. Deficiency in Vitamin D can reduce immune function meaning you may end picking up any infection or virus going around *Achoo!*

Vitamin D promotes a healthy, balanced immune system and is worth taking throughout the year to keep those levels up. Although the body does manufacture vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sunlight, for people living in northern latitudes where there is less sunshine, it is recommended to supplement with the nutrient to prevent deficiency.

Viridian Balanced Zinc Complex

Zinc helps to fight infection, and if taken within the first 24hours from the first sign of symptoms, it has been shown to significantly reduce both the symptoms and severity of the common cold. 
For optimum anti-viral effects, 50mg in the first 24 hours of symptoms can be highly effective at banishing or drastically shortening that cold or flu.

Joint Pain/Arthritis

Viridian Joint Complex

Inflammation is responsible for pain, swelling and redness, while the degeneration of cartilage is responsible for the progression of more severe symptoms over time.

Viridian joint complex is a synergistic blend of nutrients shown to quickly reduce inflammation and provide pain relief, including Boswellia, turmeric and ginger, quercetin and bromelain; plus Glucosamine to help reduce the breakdown of cartilage.

By reducing any pain, inflammation, soreness and muscle aches by supporting your cartilage and joints, this complex and a healthy diet can help you to enjoy a more pain free, flexibility and agile lifestyle for years to come!

Scandinavian Rainbow Trout Oil

This supplement is a premium fish oil that sets the benchmark for environmental sustainability, nutritional quality, freshness and purity. It is also the world’s first certified organic fish oil.

Low dietary intakes of omega-3 are very common and are often associated with increased inflammation and pain which is especially noticeable when you have sore joints or arthritis.

Many studies have shown that increasing your omega-3 intake can help reduce symptoms by reducing pain, decreasing morning stiffness, having noticeable fewer painful or tender joints and what’s more – some people have even been able to decrease their pain relieving medication!

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you could try anti-inflammatory oils such Flaxseed oil or Ultimate Beauty oil (Omegas 3-6-9) for 3-4 months to see if your symptoms improve.

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Oil

This oil is a balanced rich source of Omega 3:6:9 fatty acids to help promote cardiovascular, immune, skin and brain health, as well as being highly supportive to joint and arthrical pains.

Viridian Organic Flaxseed Oil

Flax Seed oil (linseed oil) is one of nature’s richest sources of lignans and a vegan method for getting Omega-3 fatty acids. It is an ideal vegetarian alternative to fish oil supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids support cardiovascular, immune, skin and brain health.

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– Emily

*Please note that while we are knowledgeable about our products and nutrition, this blog should never be a substitute for medical advice and attention

Please remember that you should always obtain the all-clear from your doctor before starting any new supplement plan or diet if you’re on any medication

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