Dear Taoiseach…


Dear Taoiseach, Tánaiste and Ministers,

We write to you, for you are in positions of power, and right now we need those who are in power to make fundamental changes to save our planet. Changes that will protect our children’s and grandchildren’s future. 

Tomorrow, people from all around the world are coming together to demand action from people just like you. 

Thousands of young activists across the country will march, asking you to take the climate emergency seriously. We need more than a mediocre Climate Action Plan. We need more than ‘just enough’. We need you to legislate like this is an emergency. Because it is. 

The youth activist Greta Thunberg leads the global climate strike on Friday 20 September. We’ve enclosed a copy of her book ‘No one is too small to make a difference’. We’ve also added our former President Mary Robinson’s book ‘Climate Justice’. Two essential reads for those with the power to make urgent and meaningful policy changes to impact generations to come. 

This week, in a woodland in Co Wicklow, we’ve dedicated a native spindle tree to be planted in your name.

Each Autumn, your deciduous tree will light up its surroundings in a blaze of crimson leaves and coral berries. We hope this flaming native symbol will inspire you to have the courage and ambition to tackle this climate emergency. 

This is not the time to make the correct political choice. This is the time to make the correct choice – full stop.

“Our house is on fire. Let’s act like it.” 

Greta Thunberg

Yours sincerely,

Nourish Health Food Stores

We sent this letter to all 15 Irish Cabinet Ministers today, Thursday 19 September, to call for REAL action on the Climate Emergency.

Make your voice heard tomorrow. Those not in a position to strike, you can write to your local councillor, TD or Minister to demand they do more.

Find your local representative here or email Richard Bruton, our Minister with responsibility for the Climate Emergency. Tell him to legislate like it’s an emergency. Because it is.

If you’re interested in reading Greta Thunberg’s words, we’re giving away 50 copies of her book in our Wicklow Street Store on Friday 20 September. Simply ask at the counter.

Thanks for reading.

Derek, Odhran and Sarah Kelly