Support Your Sanity this Festive Season


Merry December everyone!

With the festive season in full swing, I wanted to give you all some final tips for supporting your sanity this silly season with 7 amazingly grounding, supportive and nourishing tips and tricks.

With a lot more socialising, cooking, eating and partying than we’re often accustomed to, plus the obligations and expectations this time of year can bring, it’s always a wise idea to support our bodies (and mental states!) during this time.

Whilst there is no magic pill for preventing stress, there are many ways we can tackle it, and here are just some of my personal favourites to include as part of a holistic approach to supporting your sanity.

No. 1 – Matcha Tea

Matcha is a type of green tea made by finely stone-grinding young delicate green tea leaves into a powder. This type of green tea is unique in the fact that the entire leaf is consumed rather than the leaves being discarded after brewing. Brewing matcha involves whisking the powder into a paste with warm water and gradually adding more water until it becomes a tea, as opposed to simply steeping the leaves and then removing them.

So how is tea going to save the day?

Well matcha green tea contains the amino acid L-theanine which helps to enhance mental focus, induce a balanced state of relaxed alertness, improve mood and concentration and even decrease anxiety and stress. (Though who are we kidding, tea is the answer to everything!)

L-Theanine plays a key role in mood support by helping to improve GABA levels in the brain (a neurotransmitter that leads the body to relaxation) which promotes a calm, relaxed state without causing drowsiness.

Somebody… put the kettle on!

For more indepth info about matcha and how to make it, see my previous blogs here and here.

No. 2 – L-Theanine

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

We did just mention L-Theanine, however not everyone is a big fan of green tea, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t join in on the balanced mood and decreased stress journey with us tea drinking folk.

So here comes supplementation to the rescue.

Viridian’s L-Theanine and Lemon Balm complex offers natural relaxation without sedation. A great remedy for those with a busy lifestyle, as it helps to promote calmness, improve focus and memory, and help sleep.

With a combination of L-theanine to work with our natural alpha-brain wave activity to promote relaxation, we also have Lemon Balm to assist in improving mood and evoking clear thinking. Combined, these two ingredients can assist with stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension. Happy… days!

No. 3 – Passionflower

Passionflower is a fantastic herbal remedy for anyone feeling burned out, exhausted, nervous, anxious, those who are prone to worrying or feeling under pressure,  or having trouble sleeping.

This herb is wonderful at helping to maintain a healthy response to stress, plus it’s a natural sedative, a nerve calming agent and a sleep aid which is often able to help people relax, unwind and enjoy a well-deserved good night’s sleep. Something that doesn’t always happen the days around the festive season!

If you’re having trouble relaxing, sleeping, feeling under pressure, stressed or just generally struggling to wind down, try taking some Passiflora herbal tincture.

A Vogel’s Passiflora Complex is a herbal tincture containing only freshly harvested, organically grown Passiflora and Avena sativa herbs.

Simply take 20 drops twice daily, in a little water. Done!

No. 4 – Magnesium

A personal favourite of mine when it comes to managing stress is Magnesium.

It’s an essential mineral in the body and is used in over 300 reactions on a daily basis.

In terms of stress management, magnesium is responsible for a multitude of things, but simplified, it helps the body transition into a restful state, eases tension and reduces our reaction to stressful stimuli. And since our stress reaction can actually be worsened due to a deficiency in magnesium, it only makes sense that keeping our levels tip top is going to help us out in our time of need.

And that’s just covering stress. How about the following situations?

Can’t sleep? 

Magnesium helps ease insomnia and provide a deeper night’s sleep as it allows the body and mind to wind down.

Sore from lugging around Christmas shopping bags or carrying your bags to and around the airport?

Magnesium is required for the relaxation of muscles and so ensuring your levels are up will help ease sore muscles.

Constipated from stress, overeating or travel? 

Magnesium helps to soothe constipation and indigestion


Magnesium can relieve various kinds of headaches. Since magnesium is depleted with alcohol consumption, magnesium-rich foods and supplements may help you avoid headaches.

Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin which is why baths or sprays are my preferred method, however liquid formulas, powders and tablets work very well too.
Simply soak/spray or swallow your chosen method and let your body do the work.

Supplementing with magnesium is easy, but so is eating your magnesium, especially since we’re in the season of the following delicious things that just so happen to be high in magnesium:

Nuts, seeds, raw cacao, whole grains, leafy greens and avocados.

No. 5 – Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is the ultimate balancing adaptogen. It supports the immune system, soothes the nervous system by easing anxiety and promotes relaxation and sleep.
What more can you ask for?!

I’m coming for you reishi hot chocolate!

It’s important to know that reishi needs to be taken regularly to get the full benefits, so grab yourself some reishi now and take it daily around this festive season for optimal results.

For more info about reishi, see my previous blog here, which also includes a few ways you can incorporate it into your diet.

No. 6 – Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil)

Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps balance, restore and protect the body from the effects of internal and external stress.
Tulsi helps the body respond better to stress by protecting the nerves and helping prevent you from becoming completely frazzled!

This herb helps to soothe anxiety, fight fatigue and stress, support the immune system and hormone levels, balance blood sugar levels, and ultimately support good sleep.

Tulsi blends well with ginger, jasmine, and rose.

Try Pukka’s Three Tulsi tea bags.

No. 7 – Nip holiday stress in the bud

Incorporating a holistic approach to help support you on multiple levels is my goal at all times, therefore I won’t pretend that simply drinking a single cup of tea will cure you of all stresses this year. It’s about combining various methods to fight in your corner and give you the strength of mind to conquer whatever comes up.

That’s why I won’t just leave you with a handful of delicious teas and herbs to take, but also a few tips on lifestyle options and ways to help support a healthy response to whatever comes up this season. Just click here to read my blog on 7 Ways to Nip Holiday Stress in the Bud.

And if you couldn’t keep your cool and knocked back one too many glasses of wine, I’ve got your covered there too!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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