Food Prepping – How to Start and Why|Part 1


This two-part blog post is all about food prepping, how to start and why.
Although the idea of prepping all your food for the week in a couple of hours may sound daunting, it’s really a lot easier and less time consuming than you’d think.

It’s a great technique to help encourage a more healthy and varied diet. Plus, it’s also a wonderful way to learn the ebbs and flows of the seasons and preservation techniques.

Within these two blog posts, you will learn some tips and tricks to help save you time and money during the week. Additionally, it’ll help you avoid experiencing the hangry (hungry + angry!) moments in life when you just want something to eat.. now!

food prepping

What is Food Prepping?

Food prepping is simply the method of purchasing fruits/veggies/grains/beans/nuts/seeds etc. and cleaning/cutting/chopping/cooking/baking them in advance to eat during the upcoming days/weeks.

Food prepping is a great way to help save time during the week. Plus it means you’re more likely to stick to a healthy diet as it’s all prepared in advance.

This two-part blog post does not focus too much on the final dishes but more so on the preparation. It covers food prepping of a mix of cooked and raw veggies, cooked grains and legumes, making homemade sauces and dips, broths and snacks.

The main idea behind this food prepping is that it makes it a lot easier to cook and eat real food during the week. That’s because you prepared and cooked some of the ingredients in advance the weekend before.

This makes it easy to simply combine a mixture of these at any meal and bam, you’ve got a healthy balanced meal.
The varieties are endless, since with each season the choice of fruits and veggies are changing, as can your choice of grains, legumes and sauces.

food prepping nuts seeds grains

How to Start

Choose a day, for example, Sunday, and take a couple of hours to prep everything for the rest of the week. By doing it all on the one day, this means there’s less food making during the week. As a result, this also means less washing up and less time spent cleaning, chopping and waiting for grains and beans to cook. Of course, you can choose to do this two or three times a week if once is not enough for your needs.

What You’ll Need

food prepping in jars

Pyrex glass containers with lids

Weck/Ball Jars

Before you begin, you may want to invest in a few clear glass lidded containers and jars. These will not only give you a good idea of what you’ve got in the fridge visually, but they also store your food in the freshest possible way.
This also means that they can be stacked easily so they won’t take up too much space in your fridge and freezer.

Masking Tape (for labelling) or labels

It may also be a good idea to label your containers and jars so that you know how long they’ve been in the fridge/freezer.
This can save you the troubles of wondering how long that rice has been there, or humming and ha-ing about which week you cooked those potatoes.

Reusable silicone storage bags

Reducing your use of single-use plastic is easy to do when you can swap them out for reusable storage bags. These are great for storing frozen veggies and fruits, like bananas (for smoothies).
Equally, they work wonders as a general snack bags for nuts and seeds, energy balls etc. You can also use them as a container for your or your kid’s sandwiches. They can also be used to hold soup or broth and popped in the freezer.

Beeswax / vegan wax food wrap

Instead of covering your food with aluminium foil or plastic wrap, try wax food wraps. They’re great for keeping food fresh and are reusable.

Cotton tea towels

Fantastic for keeping greens and herbs fresh in the fridge.

food prepping jars

Check out part two of this two-part blog post for the method of actually prepping your food for the week here.

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