Irish Brands we love


Irish Brands we love

We are lucky to work with so many wonderful Irish brands at Nourish. As a homegrown business ourselves, good quality natural products from trusted Irish producers has always been important to us. Here, we have shone a spotlight on some of our favourites to learn how they grew from humble beginnings, all the while preserving the same ethos that inspired their venture from day one.

White Mausu

Katie and Jasper launched White Mausu in 2017, but the roots run a lot further back. They met while working in a Dublin café, where their shared love for a delightfully punchy rāyu sauce sparked a mutual passion for Japanese chilli concoctions.

The same question kept coming back to the pair from the foodie fans who enjoyed their dishes – what is that chilli oil and where can I get some? This prompted Katie and Jaspar to take jars of their creation to the Dublin Flea Market and sell it, minus added frills like a name or a label! Their versatile product went down a storm, and just like that they had a company and customers.

White Mausu do things a little differently, from their four-day working week which offers a good work-life balance, to better paternity benefits for dads. Care is taken at every stage of the business including packaging, sourcing ingredients and ties to charities. Their overarching goal is to grow and trade in the current climate while still be ‘doing good’.

If you’re wondering about the name, it’s pronounced ‘mouse-ooh’.  Mausu is Japanese for mouse, and White Mausu is what founder Katie’s granny used to call her when she was younger. You can find White Mausu’s Peanut Rāyu, Cashew Crunch, and Black Bean Rāyu in all Nourish stores and online.

Dublin Herbalists

Dublin Herbalists

A home kitchen is not exactly the place you would imagine a skincare company would start, but that’s exactly where Herbalist and Naturopath Claire began developing recipes for a simple moisturiser made from entirely natural ingredients. Her homemade cream proved so popular with family and friends that she launched Dublin Herbalists a year later in 2013. It began with a modest number of online sales and promptly gained a following of loyal fans which allowed Dublin Herbalists to expand into stores nationwide.

Each Dublin Herbalists product has been proudly created from Claire’s own recipes. Claire’s deep understanding of the medicinal and therapeutic virtues of plants has enabled Dublin Herbalists to merge the expertise of a large skincare corporation with the personalised care and authenticity of a small business.

Dublin Herbalist products are always 100% natural and never tested on animals. Care and consideration extend to their packaging which is designed to be kind to the environment, made from recyclable materials.

You can find Dublin Herbalist skincare products in store or online.


Erica Sheehan’s Homespun evolved from a passion to create innovative, healthy and delicious food, and that mission has always remained at the heart of her brand. Cooking was a hobby for Erica, and while she was working in television and PR she spent her free time experimenting in her kitchen, taking recipes and giving them a nutritious twist.

A love for granola paired with a desire to improve it is what sparked her culinary creativity. Why was this crunchy and delicious food so often excessively sweetened and devoid of nutrition? Erica saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a healthier quinoa-based alternative, which she tinkered with for months in the kitchen, adding seeds, nuts, and berries until she arrived at the perfect recipe. Owing to the crispy quality of the quinoa pops, the granola was named Quinoa Crunch.

Erica started a stall at a local farmers market. Every week, Quinoa Crunch sold out – people just loved the taste. When health food stores started placing orders, Erica began to consider making a career in the food business and shortly she took a leap of faith to start nurturing Homespun full-time.

The Quinoa Crunch range launched into independent retailers in Dublin and since then, Homespun have expanded their product range with their new Chicory Root Syrup which is available in store and online along with the rest of the Homespun Range.


Nobó began in 2012 with Brian and Rachel Nolan’s desire to create natural, simple and delicious treats. Their mission to reinvent the classics began with a borrowed ice cream machine and a bag full of avocados. Their goal has not changed since the experimental stages of this company, and they are still producing handmade treats that make you feel good with far less sugar and none of the dairy.

Nobó believe that in a time when everyone is asking for more, it is a time for less. Less ingredients, less packaging, less harm, less mass production, less chemicals. That’s why there are never any gums, stabilisers or anything you can’t pronounce in their treats. Instead, there is a focus on real, simple plant-based ingredients that are grown on trees.

You can find their dairy free chocolate and ice cream in a variety of different flavours but never containing more than 7 ingredients, all natural of course. Nobó chocolate is available online and both Nobó ice cream and chocolate is available in store.

Irish Botanica

Irish Botanica’s objective is to package and deliver natural goodness in the most simple way possible. Their range of pure, high strength herbal product formulations are created by Donegal-based medicinal herbalist, David Foley. Working with raw ingredients of the highest quality, products are minimally processed so you can experience their natural goodness as nature intended.

All products are ethically sourced and cleanly manufactured. Their goal is to create products that are gentle and kind to consumers, the manufacturing team, and to the natural world. They do not wish to improve on nature, but rather deliver effective natural goodness in a convenient form.

Irish Botanica products are available in capsule or tincture form and contain natural products with herbal medicinal properties such as echinacea, Lion’s Mane, and Milk Thistle.