Foodie Feature – Aissa’s Top 6 Vegan and Gluten-Free Recipes For The Festive Season


For this blog post, we have our very own Aissa, manager of our Bandon Road store guest blogging for us. Here she shares some of her favourite winter recipes for the festive season.
Aissa has been a vegetarian since she was 10 and became a vegan in 2008.
She is an enthusiastic baker of healthy vegan baked and unbaked goods and a dab hand at healthy and tasty vegan meals. So much so that she blogged her creations on her blog veganetcetera after popular demand.

Aissa has a wealth of knowledge and is incredibly enthusiastic about health and delicious food. Here in this Foodie Feature guest blog, we have a collection of vegan and gluten-free recipe ideas to inspire you this festive season!

recipes for the festive season

1. Vegan Lentil Nut Loaf

-easily made gluten-free

“Most years I make the very traditional Lentil Nut Loaf for Christmas dinner – this year included! It is handy as it can be pre-made, sliced and popped under the grill or in the oven to heat up.
This recipe is a mix of many, from cookbooks and various websites. I think the most influential recipe for my Lentil Nut Loaf is from My Vegan Cookbook, Lentil Loaf. It is only fair to give him credit. Also, he has pictures (hides face behind hands and blushes).
Serve this with your favourite veggies, salad and maybe some vegan gravy and you’re Christmas feast is good to go! It is very filling and is just as lovely the day after.”

french onion soup for the festive season

2. Vegan French Onion Stew-oup


“This was going to be a light brothy soup with veggies, but I wanted to make it a bit more hearty and filling with puy lentils and it kinda ended up stew-like, hence the name “Stew-oup!
It turned out super tasty, if I do say so myself and was also pretty fast to make. Including prep and leaving it to cook it took only 45mins, proving healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming.”

3. Homemade Veggie Stock

– gluten-free

“Homemade stock is easily made by using up any leftover veg peelings, wilted veggies, or veg juice pulp.
A good way to gather these bits is to grab a bag or plastic tub and add these veggies over a couple of days and keep them in your fridge. Then when you’re ready you can make up a nice batch of tasty stock for your soup bases, casseroles, stews, or as the water to cook your grains in.
It is a lovely thing to make as it varies depending on what veg you have been eating.


  1. Boil the veggie bits for approx. an hour with salt, pepper, an onion, a stalk of finely chopped celery and some herbs of your choice e.g. parsley, thyme, rosemary. A large teaspoon of miso paste is a lovely addition.
  2. Once it has cooked for an hour or so, have a taste of the broth to see if it is nice and then add more seasoning if needed.
  3. Leave to cool a little and pass it through a sieve. You can use a sterilised Kilner jar or passata jar to store it in.
  4. Pour it in while still reasonably hot and fill up to the top. The passata jar’s metal top should actually be sucked in a little by the heat and be sealed. When you open it, it should make a popping noise like a jar does when you buy it new!
    This will keep for a good few days in the fridge.”

4. Quick and Zesty Pickled Cucumber Salad

– vegan and gluten free

“This has become a firm favourite of mine, for its speediness and tastiness! 
I used a spiralizer but a potato peeler would work to get thin strips. Alternatively, if you are the daring type and like to risk your fingertips you could use a mandolin!”

5. Easy Orange & Cinnamon Cupcakes

-vegan and gluten-free

“Easy to make and easy to eat – the perfect combo! Sweet and citrusy with a hint of cinnamon, these tasty little treats are proof that you need not be terrified of gluten-free baking!” 

vegan stollen

6. It’s the Silly Season It’s Vegan Stollen Time!

“I have been making Stollen for Christmas for a few years. Clearly, alcohol-laden fruitcake is the Irish tradition, but I never liked it much. I was the person who ate the marzipan off the outside!”

“I came across a wonderful recipe for vegan stollen here on “Seitan is my motor”. The instructions are very clear which is what won me over.
I have adapted the recipe a little and I make my own marzipan for it. My changes are few as you have to respect the yeast. No messing with the recipe too much or the magic chemistry will be off!”

“I use organic coconut oil instead of margarine and I use a third of a cup. I rub it with coconut oil too.
And, because I am a vanilla fiend I use a generous dessertspoon of vanilla powder. Finally, I use two-thirds of a cup of chopped organic un-sulphured apricots in my stollen, though feel free to use raisins or sultanas if you prefer.”

“It’s worth noting that this recipe does take a little planning. You make the plain dough the night before and leave it to proof in the fridge. You bring it all to together, shape, leave to rise and bake the next evening. It really is worth the effort, it is Silly Season after all!

I have had a lot of fun making and all eating these and I hope you try them out you enjoy them just as much!

Aissa <3

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