Nourish Supplements


After 30 years of experience, we have learned a lot about health and wellbeing. We have applied this knowledge to create our own brand of pharmaceutical grade standard supplements and we are proud to say that the Nourish supplement range reflects our values, quality and expertise.

Over the last three years sales generated from our supplements have helped to raise over €10,000 for various charities, with 20c from each bottle purchased donated to a chosen charity each year.

While having such a wide range of supplements ensures we have something to suit everyone, it can be a little daunting to take it all in. So, we thought we would introduce you to our top 5 bestsellers…

Vitamin D

As one of our most popular products, vitamin D is essential for many bodily functions. Although this nutrient is naturally synthesised in our skin in response to sunlight, warm rays are few and far between in Ireland, so it’s important we get a helping hand. Vitamin D plays a major role in immunity while also helping the body to absorb calcium, making it an essential element in bone health.

Vitamin C

The role vitamin C plays is crucial to a wide variety of functions such as immunity, cardiovascular support, and collagen production. Although widely available through our diet, it is important to ensure we meet daily vitamin C requirements. Our vitamin C contains rosehip and is vegan friendly.

Evening Primrose Oil

Renowned for its effectiveness in relieving PMS symptoms, Evening Primrose Oil is a popular supplement with many women. It supports healthy hormone balance and breast health.

Co-Enzyme Q10

A relatively recent discovery, co-q10 is found in all cells and is responsible for energy production in the body. This supplement is taken to support antioxidant action, cardiovascular health, gum health and muscle health.


This essential amino acid supports healthy skin function through muscle growth and the production of collagen. L-Lysine is useful during cold sore outbreaks.