10 Bunny-Approved Vegan Easter Chocolate Treat Ideas


With Easter just around the corner, you may be in the midst of a hunt for the perfect vegan chocolate egg or sweet treat for yourself, a friend of a family member.

With vegan-friendly options and alternatives popping up all over the place nowadays (horray!), you can now easily find yourself some super tasty chocolate treats.
Plus, if you can get your hands on these tasties, you’ll easily be able to whip up your own vegan indulgences with the recipes below!

To save you the trouble of hunting for the best vegan and gluten-free delights out there, I鈥檝e already done it for you!
Here are聽10 Bunny-Approved Vegan Easter Chocolate Treat Ideas, all, of course, coming highly recommended by the Easter Rabbit himself 馃槈

Easter Chocolate Ideas - Nobo


Nob贸 is an Irish company that produces insanely good vegan ice cream and handmade organic vegan chocolate. They focus on real, simple plant-based ingredients that are grown on trees. They never use any gums, stabilisers or anything you can鈥檛 pronounce. Their cocoa is ethically sourced from a single plantation that helps support its farmers and protects the remaining mountain gorillas.聽

Their products are dairy-free, vegan friendly, gluten-free, non GMO and contain no refined sugar, no soy.聽

For those of you who have turned vegan or have given up dairy for health reasons, this is one sweet treat to keep you safe from the feelings of missing out when it comes to seasonal chocolate fests like Easter!

Now although I highly encourage you to munch your way through their divine selection of flavours individually, alternatively you can try some chocolate based Easter-y recipes like these:

Easter Chocolate Ideas - Nobo choc and ice cream

No. 1 – Doville鈥檚 Chocolate Almond Flour Brownie

Scroll down a bit through the page to find the recipe and add in your Nob贸 flavour of choice!

No. 2 – Lena鈥檚 Coyo and Chocolate Cheesecake

Again, scroll down a bit through the page and swap out the Vanoffee bar for Nob贸 Salted bar – yummm!!

No. 3 – Nob贸 Vanilla Choc’ Caramel Sundae

Easter Chocolate Ideas - Ombars


What would life be without聽Ombars聽in it?!
These bars are an absolute gem when it comes to vegan chocolate, and are excellent for hiding on Easter egg hunts or whipping up into an Easter-themed chocolate dessert.

For anyone feeling like they鈥檙e missing out at Easter by not being able to chow down on non-vegan chocolate, these are your go-to guys!
With flavours ranging from dark, coconut, green tea through to strawberries and cream and coconut and vanilla centres, they have everyone鈥檚 taste buds covered.

Try giving these recipes a whirl this Easter:

Easter Chocolate Ideas - Ombar nests

No. 4 – Ombar Salted Dark Chocolate Pots

No. 5 – Ombar Ganache Tarts

No. 6 – Meringue Nests

No. 7 – Ombar Raw Vegan Cacao Brownies

And if you haven鈥檛 tried Ombar鈥檚 Chocolate Buttons yet, I seriously urge you to do so! As a kid, I loved chocolate buttons, so finding these organic, sugar cane free, raw cacao buttons as an adult was a dream come true! They are great for an alternative sweet snack and are wonderful when baking to decorate cakes and cupcakes.

Easter Chocolate Ideas - Booja Booja

Booja Booja

Booja-Booja聽is an artisan chocolate company very well known for their mouth-watering handmade delights. Their chocolates are all聽dairy, soya and gluten-free, organic, and vegan. Plus, they are all presented in beautiful and environmentally friendly packaging.聽

These make for an ideal Easter gift, whether in small treat sized packs (excellent for hiding!), or bigger sized packs. They鈥檙e also great for decorating an Easter cake or hiding inside home-made Easter eggshells. Available in many exciting flavours, there’s a chocolate to suit every taste.

And don鈥檛 forget their ice cream鈥 If you like their truffles, you will love their dairy-free ice-cream available in our Nourish Stores!

FYI… Booja Booja’s are also an excellent swap for the Vanoffee bar in Lena’s Coyo and chocolate cheesecakes. I’ve tried and tested them many many times!
Alternatively, decorate your Easter cake with these or chop them up and mix them into brownie or pancake mixes – yummy!

For some more chocolate-themed Easter loveliness, grab yourself some bars of chocolate (feel free to use any of the following bars for example – Green and Blacks, Vivani, and iChoc)聽and make your own Easter bakes and treats. Here are some final ideas for you to try!

Easter Chocolate Ideas - cake, eggs and cookies

No. 8 – Paleo Cr猫me Eggs from Free from Heaven

No. 9 – Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Cake from Minimalist Baker

iced hot cross bun cookies

No. 10 – Iced Hot Cross Bun Cookies from The Little Blog of Vegan

Ok… I know this isn’t exactly chocolate related, but how adorable are these Hot Cross Bun cookies? Technically they do count as they do use a bit of cocoa powder for the icing! Dunk them in some vegan hot choccie and then they count as a chocolate treat right?! 馃槈

And there you have it – 10 Bunny-Approved Vegan Easter Chocolate Treat ideas for the vegan in your life.

I hope you all enjoy your vegan creations this Easter and have a merry time munching them all up.

Emily N枚th

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