How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally


A couple of weeks ago I met a friend who just had a baby and she was taken by surprise by just how delicate baby skin really is. This got us talking and has thus resulted in me writing this post on How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally.

Unsurprisingly, baby skin is a lot thinner than adult skin. It’s more delicate and certainly more sensitive. That’s why it’s more prone to rashes, irritation, allergies and infection. It’s also a lot more sensitive to environmental changes like temperature change and even humidity.

As with adult’s skin, a baby’s skin is also the first line of defence against the external world. Therefore, it’s very important to care for their skin and help keep it healthy.

That’s where this blog post comes in! Let’s talk about what natural and non-toxic baby care products you can use to help keep your baby’s skin healthy, hydrated, moisturized and irritation-free!

How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally - bathing

No. 1 – Bathing

One of the most important things to remember with a baby’s skin is to keep it moisturised and hydrated at all times. Bathing too often actually causes the skin to dry out and flake and also removes natural oils from your baby’s skin.

Most experts agree that babies should be bathed in lukewarm water no more than 3-4 times a week. Additionally, with such sensitive skin, products designed for adults aren’t suitable, therefore, natural and organic baby products are recommended. These baby-specific products don’t contain any chemicals and are a safer option than perfumed or harsh antibacterial products which may cause rashes, irritation and/or dryness.

After bath time, use a soft, cotton towel to gently pat your baby dry. Any rubbing motion might actually cause injury, no matter how soft you think you are. (That’s actually how the topic of baby skin started with my friend. She gently rubbed dry a little section of skin on her baby’s leg and it bled!)

We stock a fantastic range of baby-friendly products so I’ll give you a few suggestions with each section we cover 😊

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Burt's Bees Baby Bubble Bath

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath

This natural, mild and tear-free bubble bath is made from a combination of coconut oil, sunflower oil and soy proteins. Its natural formula gently cleanses your baby’s skin without irritation or drying. Furthermore, it’s free from phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS and is paediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath

Weleda Baby Calendula Cream Bath 

Weleda baby products are an absolute favourite here in Nourish and this creamy bath milk sells like hotcakes. Simply put, this product cleanses gently without drying out the skin. It contains almond and organic sesame oils that help keep the skin smooth and supple and protect the skin from moisture loss.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Burt's Bees baby shampoo wasn

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash

This tear-free Shampoo and Wash contains natural, plant-based cleansing ingredients to gently clean both your baby’s hair and body leaving them squeaky clean and baby smooth from head to tiny toe. Happily, it’s tear-free, contains no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS, is paediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic.

smiling cute baby

No. 2 – Moisturising

Baby’s lose water and heat more easily than adults through their skin. That’s why it’s important to make sure your baby’s skin is nicely moisturised and hydrated.

The basic function of a moisturiser is to help hold water in the outermost layer of the skin to help prevent it from drying out again. Additionally, they can help protect the skin from the environment, for example from the cold elements. Interestingly, applying moisturizer creates a barrier on the skin that keeps oils from escaping and harmful outside elements from causing dryness or irritation.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Weleda Calendula Body Lotion

Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion

Unsurprisingly, the Weleda Baby products that we stock fly off the shelves, and for good reason. This company has been making products for nearly 100 years! Their products contain precious extracts of hand-picked organic calendula to soothe, nourish and protect delicate skin and are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or artificial additives of any kind.

Use this gentle lotion to replenish your baby’s skin after bathing and nourish sensitive skin. Its milky consistency absorbs quickly thanks to the organic almond and sesame oils and soothing extracts of organic calendula and chamomile. Calendula is excellent to help protect the skin from environmental drying effects, leaving the skin soft and supple.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Weleda Weather Protection Cream

Weleda Weather Protection Cream

If you’re one for taking fresh brisk walks by the coast or out in all types of weather, babies can also tag alone, but know that their delicate new skin isn’t yet ready to provide perfect protection. Top up the natural barrier on their faces and hands with this rich balm containing organic almond oil, nourishing lanolin and a soothing extract of organic calendula.

Cute baby with finger in mouth

No. 3 – Baby Massage

This is kind of a three-way-benefit topic.
Firstly, babies looooove massage. It’s very calming for them and is also a way that helps them feel connected to you. Secondly, massaging your baby with oils is excellent for locking in that moisture as we discussed above. Thirdly, massaged chilled out babies sleep a lot better so you’ll also get some more zz’s!

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Dublin Herbalist's Baby Oil

Dublin Herbalists Baby Oil With Lavender and Bergamot

Without a doubt, this is a product for both mum and baby. You’ll reap the benefits of this baby oil simply by the smell of it with the additional benefits of the scents of Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils! And unsurprisingly, this soothing massage oil also gently helps to nourish your baby’s delicate skin. It brings together Vitamin E, Avocado, Rice Bran, and Almond Oils to help keep your baby’s skin in good condition.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Weleda Calendula Bath Oil

Weleda Calendula Oil

Here is a welcome addition to your baby’s skincare that’s especially nourishing and warming and is suitable for daily skincare. Not only is it useful to help protect sensitive and dry skin but it’s also ideal for baby massage and can also be used for cleansing the nappy area. Overall, it’s just fantastic as an all-over body moisturiser after bathing.

Feel free to use plain sweet almond oil or coconut oil instead, but just avoid using commercial oils that usually contain perfumes and chemicals which may distress the baby’s skin and cause reactions.

New born baby in mother's arms

No. 4 – Skin Problems

Most babies will present some kind of skin upset at some point, and as I’m not a doctor I can’t advise any cure-all treatments. Babies tend to develop all manner of rashes relating to yeast, viral or bacterial infections, irritation or environmental aspects. They all look different in appearance, therefore it’s always better to speak to your paediatrician/medical expert if you spot any kind of redness, irritation or spots on your baby’s skin.

Once you know it’s nothing serious, have a nosey into the below-mentioned products to help you out…

Nappy Rash

Nappy rash, as the name suggests, is a rash/skin irritation in the area typically covered by the baby’s nappy. It tends to develop when the baby’s skin is wet (from wee for example) or dirty (from poo). Additionally, it may be caused by the nappy causing friction on the skin, if it’s too tight or even if the baby is allergic to the brand of nappy being used. In the case of cloth nappies, maybe change your washing powder to a more skin sensitive brand.

Along with regularly changing nappies and making sure the area is clean, there are some baby products that can help the skin in this instance.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally natracare baby wipes

Natracare Baby Wipes

Natracare award-winning organic cotton baby wipes are soft, gentle and effective cleansing wipes for daily use on baby’s sensitive skin. They’re infused with the certified organic essential oils of apricot, linden and chamomile as well as natural plant extracts all of which will cleanse and refresh, leaving the skin softened.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Burt's Bee's daily cream to powder

Burt’s Bee’s Baby Bee Cream to Powder

Enjoy the benefits of nappy cream and a dusting powder in one convenient formula. This 2-in-1 goes on as a cream for targeted application and dries as an absorbent powder, so your baby’s bottom is left soft, dry and without irritation.

Weleda Baby Nappy Change Cream

This multiple award-winning, deep-nourishing and protective barrier cream is a wonderful ally when wanting to prevent soreness and chafing around the nappy area. Skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide provide a protective barrier against excessive moisture. Almond oil and precious organic calendula and chamomile extracts gently smooth and soften the skin.

In the case of any kinds of open sores or sore areas, it can still be applied to help promote healing.
Naturally, it contains no synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colours, dyes or petroleum-derived synthetics.

cute baby with yellow bow in hair smiling


Some babies develop eczema or atopic dermatitis, which is a kind of skin rash. Unhelpfully, it can be caused by a variety of things, whether from external sources such as laundry powder, irritation from nappy’s, faeces or urine. It may be internal, such as overheating,  sweat rash from immature sweat ducts or even Erythema toxic neonatorum. Mums diet is another potential cause.

Eczema is typically recognised by red patches of skin that may be itchy, dry, scaly or thick and red. Depending on the cause, it is usually treatable. Again, making sure that the area is clean and washed with plain water after every nappy change is important. Then, follow this up by an application of nappy cream regularly to the area to help reduce the rash.
Additionally, nappy-free time is another well-supported method for skin rashes/yeast overgrowth etc. It helps allow airflow to the baby’s skin as well as reducing the amount of time that any kind of rubbing from fabric/nappies occurs during the day.

How to Care for Your Baby's Skin Naturally Dublin Herbalist's Baby Balm

Dublin Herbalists Baby Balm

This little pot of wonderfulness is a simple baby balm made of sunflower, almond, coconut, caster and grapeseed oils blended with beeswax, calendula and lavender essential oil. It’s wonderful to help soothe, calm and soften skin and smells sensational.

And that’s it for this blog post on How to Care for Your Baby’s Skin Naturally. I hope these natural baby care product recommendations will help you out 🙂

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