How to Thrive This Winter: Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System


Welcome to this two-part blog series on How to Thrive This Winter.
Part one focuses specifically on Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System. Part two, which you will find by clicking here, focuses on How to Nourish Your Microbiome.

Let’s crack on shall we!

How to Thrive This Winter

With its long nights and chilly weather, winter will very soon be upon us. Unsurprisingly, we naturally become more drawn towards warmer conditions and cosying up at home, hibernation style. As modern-day beings, however, we are often going out into the cold elements to get to work or to childcare, for example, thereby exposing ourselves to the vulnerabilities of the season.
Seasonal sniffles and festive stress are not always a welcome addition to the time of year, but fortunately, our body’s are excellently constructed for surviving such events. Each and every one of our body systems interact with each other constantly to help maintain homeostasis. (Aka a self-regulating process by which we maintain stability and adjust to conditions that are optimal for survival.)

In today’s blog post, I will cover 4 herbs to help you thrive this winter. We shall use the power of plants to gently assist the body in its immune function by caring for every part of our internal ecosystem. As we know, everything is interconnected within us, which means when we care for our immune, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, we ultimately care for our overall internal ecosystem.

4 Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System

Given the current circumstances, naturally, many of us have our immune system health as a priority, and rightly so. Let’s take a look at and some plant-powered ways to nourish your immune system this winter.

Certainly, you’ve heard me say this before, but feeding yourself with nourishing and nutritious food is an absolute necessity for a happy immune system.
Hearty soups, stews, curries, roasted root veggies and such are wondrous additions to your daily lifestyle. Check out our recipe section for inspiration!

Equally, and importantly, medicinal herbs are an easy way to nourish your immune system and simple to add into your daily routine. Think teas, lattes, soups, syrups, powders or tinctures.

Let’s take a look at my personal favourites…

Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System - Elderberry

No. 1 – Elderberry

Elderberries are a delicious addition to your herbal medicine cupboard for helping to ward off illness as well as soothe one should you be struck down. They’re loaded with vitamins and bioflavonoids, plus they offer fantastic anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.
If you’re suffering already from a cold or other upper respiratory symptoms, elderberry helps to make them more tolerable by reducing mucous secretions.
And thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps fight the swelling of the respiratory passages. This means less discomfort and difficulty breathing.

Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System - echinacea

No. 2 – Echinacea

I’d say many of you have heard of this wonderous herb by now. And for good reason too! Echinacea is a traditional herbal remedy for colds and flu. Not only does it help to support your immune system in preventing an infection, but it also helps the body fight the symptoms should you already have one.

It’s really easy to take and in a multitude of ways.

  • There’s tea, such as Pukka Wonder Berry Green (which also contains glorious ingredients including Elderberries, blackcurrant, rosehip and beetroot).
  • Then there are herbal tinctures such as A.Vogel Echinaforce or Irish Botanica Echinacea.
  • Additionally, and an absolute favourite, is A.Vogel Echinaforce Hot Drink. This little gem combines the well-known fresh Echinacea root with herb extracts of Black Elderberry to produce a soothing hot drink. If you need a little help to fight off symptoms such as aching limbs and headaches when you are struck down by the cold or flu, this is your new friend.
Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System - Reishi mushroom

No. 3 – Reishi

It’s impossible not to mention this beauty. I adore this herb. Well, mushroom.
When talking about immune health, and especially respiratory health, Reishi must be mentioned. Historically, Reishi mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as an immune and longevity tonic, and they still live up to this claim.

Reishi helps to boost the body’s immune system to protect it from harmful pathogens, like viruses, parasites and bacteria. Essentially, this mushroom helps to defend you against any nasty bugs or viruses going around.

These mushrooms help to regulate the immune system as well as improve its natural ability to fight invaders. So of course, this fellow goes on the list for how to thrive this winter.

Learn more about it in my blog post:

Try it!

Traditionally, reishi mushroom was used to make a healing tea, but nowadays you can easily add it into your daily routine in a powdered form. Simply mix it into smoothies, shakes, coffee, tea or with hot water.

We have other options, including:

Herbs to Nourish Your Immune System - astragalus

No. 4 – Astragalus

Astragalus has a very long history of use, predominantly in China where it is one of the great tonic herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, this herb may just be the number one Lung Tonic commonly used in Chinese medicine.  Astragalus has long been used for building and strengthening the immune system both before and after an illness.

Astragalus has been traditionally used for centuries to:

  • strengthen and tonify the immune system
  • improve immune activity
  • protect against colds and other contagious illnesses 
  • cultivate a healthy circulatory system
  • help protect against mental and physical stress
  • bring down inflammation
  • boost vitality

When we’re talking about the subject of respiratory health, we can’t forget Astragalus since it is especially good for the lungs. Astragalus works by building up the immune defences, helping to move out catarrh, and working as an anti-inflammatory. It’s great for colds, the flu and any difficulty breathing (such as asthma).

It’s really easy to add this herb into your diet.

  • We sell it in tincture form and capsules. If you have the dried herb, try mixing it into some homemade miso soup *mm chefs kiss*
  • This herb pairs really well with other herbs such as RhodiolaAshwagandhareishi mushroom (or any medicinal mushroom to be honest!). Additionally, it’s marvellous when used with herbs such as elderberry and garlic.

Of course, there are a plethora of other herbs I could mention, but I’m trying to keep it short and sweet.
Others worth mentioning, however, include liquorice, cinnamon, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and turmeric.

For Part Two of this blog series, check it out here.

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