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Happy 2022 everyone!
Welcome to a new blog post all about the benefits of Propolis. Since it’s still the cold and flu season (and it, who should not be mentioned’s continual season) I thought now is a good time to talk about this wonderful immune-supportive substance.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a collection of resinous substances that honeybees collect from trees, buds, trunk wounds or other botanical sources. ​

Propolis itself contains a combination of tree resin, essential oils, waxes and bioflavonoids. Bees make it by mixing the plant resins with their own saliva, enzymes and beeswax and actually then use it themselves. Bees use it in their hives like glue, hence why it’s commonly referred to as ‘Bee Glue’’. In order to protect their hives and inhabitants from an infection, they actually coat the entire inside surface of their hives with propolis!
They use it to seal holes and gaps in the hive to protect it from bacterial, fungal and viral infections. In fact, it is these exact properties that make it so beneficial for us.

What’s the Scoop On: Propolis Bees on honeycomb

Why is Propolis Good For Us?

Thanks to its extensive use, dating as far back, if not further, than the Egyptian times, we know from a lot of human experience how fantastic it is for us.

With modern science, we now see that Propolis contains more than 300 naturally derived bioactive compounds. Since it’s rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant, it’s wonderful as a natural treatment for a host of health problems.

Propolis offers fantastic anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Additionally, it’s anti-inflammatory. What a team!

Propolis is a powerful natural defence and it may help:

  • support and maintain a healthy immune system
  • support upper respiratory tract health
  • heal minor wounds (when applied topically)
  • soothe sore throats (when applied directly to the throat)
  • support those with allergies (NOT to be used if you have an allergy to bee products)
  • protect against cavities (scientists discovered that compounds found in propolis help to inhibit the growth of Streptococcus mutans, an oral bacteria known to contribute to the development of cavities.)
  • support dental health (especially when inflammation and infectious bleeding weaken bone structure and cause tooth loss)
  • treat cold sores – let’s dive in a bit more here..

Propolis is a well-known treatment for cold sores. Use at the onset of the tingly state, and even if you miss this time slot, it will still help to fight the infection.

We stock Bio Propolis Cold Sore Care from A.Vogel which is specifically designed to help out in a cold sore crisis.

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Learn more about treating cold sores in my blog posts:

Additionally, Propolis is a successful aid against burns of all degrees. Of course, this is something that should be done under the care of professionals.

Furthermore, research suggests propolis helps treat gastrointestinal disorders, including ulcerative colitis and ulcers. It’s even shown to effectively eliminate pathogens, including H. pylori. Once again, this is something that should be discussed and talked over with a doctor as these aren’t things to play lightly with. You also want to make sure you’re getting the right dosage and that it doesn’t interact with anything else you may be taking.

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How Can I Take It?

We stock a variety of products to cover your needs.

You’ll also find a small amount of propolis in raw honey. Since heat tends to destroy the healing qualities of propolis, always opt for raw honey which is unfiltered and unpasteurized. You won’t know the exact dosage, and whether there’s any in your pot, but raw honey is also a wonderful addition to the diet regardless!

Possible Side Effects

Do not use propolis if you have asthma or are allergic to bee by-products (including honey). Also not suitable for people with an allergy to tree resin. 
Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions. If irritation or swelling of the mouth or throat occurs, discontinue use and seek medical advice immediately. Pregnant or lactating women: Consult your healthcare practitioner before use.

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