Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally | Supplements | Part 4


Welcome to part 4 of Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements. For part 4 we’re discussing useful supplements to aid you in your mission to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Of course, these are, as the name suggests, simply supplements to add to your diet and lifestyle changes. Popping a couple of supplements into your diet won’t revolutionise your blood pressure without the other changes also. They can, however, help significantly.

Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with Supplements

bowl of mixed herbs - Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements

No. 1 – Stress Relieving Herbs

First up, let’s start with stress-relieving herbs, as we now all know how important it is to find a way to switch off and relax.

High-pressure jobs, deadlines, lots of responsibility and so on naturally come with their fair share of stress. The key is to know how to switch off and separate ourselves from the feelings of stress.
As we mentioned earlier, there are lifestyle ways to do this, such as breathing or exercise, but there are also many herbs that help do the job internally.

Here are some of my favourite adatogenic herbs for stress relief:

If you click on the names of the above adaptogenic herbs, you’ll be taken to individual blog posts that talk all about their wonderful effects in detail.
Then we have herbs such as chamomile, oat straw, Passiflora, Avena sativa, melissa, lemon balm and more.
Let’s have a look into these products for how they support you in reducing stress levels:

a Vogel Passiflora complex drops - Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements.

Passiflora/Passion Flower

Passionflower is a wonderful natural sedative, a nerve-calming agent and a sleep aid. It’s commonly used to help people relax, unwind and enjoy a well deserved good night’s sleep.

 A Vogel Passiflora complex is a lovely herbal blend available in both spray and tincture form. It combines passiflora and Avena sativa and is highly supportive to those prone to worrying or feeling under pressure.

Viridian L theanine and lemon balm supplement - Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements

L-theanine and Lemon Balm

Viridian’s L-Theanine and Lemon Balm complex offers natural relaxation without sedation. Undoubtedly, this is a great little remedy for those with a busy lifestyle or going through a stressful period.
Commonly, this product is used to help promote:

  • calmness
  • focus and memory
  • sleep

L-theanine works with our natural alpha-brain wave activity to promote relaxation. Similarly, the Lemon Balm assists in improving mood and evoking clear thinking. Combined, these two ingredients are magical assistants to aid with symptoms of stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension.

Additionally, this supplement is a great remedy for anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to improve their focus and promote a sense of calmness, as well as aid sleep.

Interestingly, you’ll also find L-Theanine in green tea, and in abundance in matcha tea. If that’s more up your alley, try adding a cup of matcha into your daily routine for relaxing and calming effects.

Melissa Dream supplement

Melissa Dream

The Melissa Dream supplement is based on a combination extract made from lemon balm, chamomile and green tea plus vitamin B and magnesium. Lemon balm and chamomile both contribute to a normalised and calm sleep. Furthermore, Vitamin B and magnesium help the nervous system to function correctly.
These B-vitamins all help to contribute to normal psychological functions such as concentration, learning, memory and reasoning.

Mag365 tub of magnesium powder

No. 2 – Magnesium

Increasing your intake of magnesium is pretty much going to give you an immediate effect on lowering your blood pressure. It works by relaxing the muscles in the arteries. When the magnesium in muscle cells goes up in relation to calcium, your muscles relax. Additionally, magnesium also helps to lower anxiety and insomnia, so it can kill a few birds with one stone.

Interestingly enough, most people are actually deficient in magnesium. Furthermore, people with high blood pressure tend to have even lower levels of magnesium than those with normal blood pressure.

Magnesium is a simply stupendous mineral for your heart. It has stress-reducing effects and feeds your heart tissue, helping to keep your heart rhythm steady.

Of course, getting magnesium in through diet is number one, and then supplementing with magnesium sprays, baths, capsules and powders would be next up. Especially in times of intense stress. You’ll find plenty of magnesium in green leafy veg, beetroots, beans, nuts, seeds, salmon and raw cacao.

Some of our favourite magnesium supplements include:

BetterYou Magnesium spray – I love this because it is absorbed through your skin (which is one of the best ways to absorb magnesium).

Bath Salts – Salt baths are equally wonderful because they absorb through the skin as well. Try Westlab bath salts next time you hop into the bath.

Alternatively, you can take roughly 400mg of magnesium daily in powdertablet or capsule form. If you take them before bed it may help you sleep better too!
We love Mag365 Magnesium Supplement Powder and Nature’s Plus Kalmassure Magnesium 400Mg Capsules.

Revive Active supplement - Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements

No. 3 – B Vitamins

Vitamin B is an important group of vitamins to help reduce stress symptoms. You’ll be surprised how quickly we burn through our B’s in times of stress. Additionally, they’re also useful in breaking down an amino acid called homocysteine, which is associated with heart disease and strokes.

We stock plenty of B vitamin complexes, plus you’ll find them in multivitamins too.
We love:


No. 4 – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent way to help lower blood pressure. This powerhouse vitamin is wonderful for the heart in general, helping to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Additionally, vitamin C is needed for collagen formation. This helps blood vessels to function normally and retain their strength and elasticity.

Since vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, it cannot be stored in the body. Consequently, this means we need to ensure we have a regular intake of this essential vitamin.
Dietary sources include most fruit and vegetables. Some examples include:

Citrus | berries | green leafy veg | peppers | kiwi fruit | blackcurrants | sea buckthorn | acai | hibiscus | rosehip | cherries | Camu Camu

Trials show that taking an average dose of 500mg vitamin C per can help to lower blood pressure.

Unsurprisingly, we stock a plethora of different vitamin C options for you.

Viridian Black Seed Oil

No. 5 – Black Cumin Seed

This one might come as a surprise to some, but Black cumin seed is actually a traditional herbal remedy used to lower blood pressure.
Ongoing studies are still trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that helps to lower mildly high blood pressure and those with high cholesterol.
Black seed oil seems to have a beneficial effect on blood lipids, helping to reduce low-density lipoprotein and increase the beneficial high-density lipoprotein.

Additionally, it is thought that the mechanism behind this benefit to cardiovascular health is partly due to the antioxidant activity of the Nigella sativa extract. The essential oil of the Nigella sativa seed has antioxidant properties that make it useful for treating cardiovascular disorders.

Furthermore, Black Cumin seed is also thought to work by dilating blood vessels in a similar way to calcium channel blocker drugs in order to help the heart pump more efficiently. Then there’s also the mild diuretic action that comes into play.

Easily add this oil into the diet through supplementation. Take it either in capsule form or liquid. Here in Nourish, we stock:

Simply take 1-2 capsules of Viridian Organic Black seed capsules, once to twice daily with food. Alternatively, take 1-3 teaspoons (5-15ml) of Viridian Organic Black seed oil per day.

Learn more about this oil here in my blog post:

Jan de Vries Hawthorn Garlic Complex - Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with supplements

No. 6 – Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a traditional herbal medicine used to treat high blood pressure. Traditionally, this herb has been used to improve blood circulation, balance blood pressure, relieve angina, strengthen heart contractions and reduce abnormal heart rhythms.

Check out Jan de Vries Hawthorn-Garlic Complex to naturally support your heart function if this herb sounds up your alley.

(Talk to your doctor if you are considering taking Hawthorn Garlic Complex alongside other heart medication.)

Garlic bulb cracked open

No. 7 – Garlic

Garlic is another plant found to be effective in helping to reduce high blood pressure. It’s is rich in many compounds that may benefit your heart and lower inflammation. It contains sulfur compounds, and one, in particular, is allicin. This helps to increase blood flow and relax the blood vessels. The end result of these combined is hopefully lowered blood pressure.

If you can find black garlic, grab it immediately. Black garlic is simply brimming with antioxidants that help to lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels and improve arterial elasticity. It might look weird, but this black gooey garlic is really wonderful, especially spread across bread or added to a soup. Mmm!

And that’s it for Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally with Supplements, as indeed is it the end of this blog series. I hope you have found something of benefit from this series and you feel more empowered to tackle that blood pressure 🙂

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