Uncovering The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle – The Ovulation Phase


Welcome back to part 3 of Uncovering The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle. This time we are talking about the Ovulation phase.

In this blog post we will cover:

  • What is the ovulation phase
  • What is happening in your body at this time
  • Diet and lifestyle tips to support you and your hormones through this phase
the ovulation phase illustration of egg and sperm

Phase 3 – Ovulation – Day 14

Ovulation is when one of your ovaries releases an egg. The egg is released from the ovary and starts its journey down the fallopian tube. Typically, the ovulation phase occurs around the middle of your cycle which is day 14 for women on the average 28-day cycle. Of course, if your cycle is not 28 days but maybe 32, then your ovulation phase could be on day 16. It’s not always exact for everyone.

And here’s a fun fact for you if you didn’t know… the ovulation phase only lasts for 24hrs! Once the egg has been released the body has the next 24 hours or so to fertilise that egg or pregnancy won’t occur that month.

That being said, it is wise to know that sperm can actually survive for up to 5 days inside the body. Therefore, although you’re most fertile on day 14, if sperm enters the body through days 9-14, pregnancy is a definite possibility. If you are trying to get pregnant, this is the perfect time!

Another sign you’re in your ovulation phase is your temperature. During ovulation your body temperature increases by between .2 and .5 degrees, therefore you may feel warmer.

Another tell-tale sign is cervical mucous. This changes throughout our cycle but if you’re looking to get pregnant, take note! During ovulation, cervical mucous gets stretchy and looks a bit like raw egg whites.

the ovulation phase - liver supportive veggies displayed

Diet Tips to Support you During the Ovulation Phase

Estrogen levels peak right around ovulation, therefore it’s a good idea to support your liver with estrogen metabolism. Try to consume foods and herbs that support liver cleansing. Additionally, it’s an excellent time to focus on anti-inflammatory, high-fiber foods.

cabbage | Brussels sprouts | broccoli | cauliflower | Asparagus | carrots | beetroot | garlic

raspberries | blueberries | figs | dates | avocado | lemons| grapefruits

walnuts | brazil nuts | pecan nuts | almonds

fermented Foods – sauerkraut | kimchi | kefir | kombucha | yoghurt | Coconut Yoghurt
(You’ll find all of these on our fridge shelves in-store!)

eggs | wild fish | seafood | omega oil supplements

ghee (learn more about ghee here)

seaweed (learn more about seaweed here)

Herbs to Support the Ovulation Phase

When we think of liver support, there are some key herbs that come to mind.

Image of a dandelion


I talk about dandelion a lot, and for good reason. This herb is an excellent bitter. Bitters are fantastic at:

  • igniting the digestive fire
  • supporting the production of hydrochloric acid, pancreatic enzymes and bile
  • helping to promote normal bowel habits

Without a doubt, dandelion is a fantastic herb for general health and well-being, but importantly in this case, it works as a liver tonic by stimulating and supporting liver function.

We stock dandelion in tincture form, supplement, tea and loose-leaf.

Burdock root

This herb is wonderful for the liver since its bitter taste helps to stimulate bile production and aids the liver in removing toxins. Additionally, it’s a great diuretic and also a digestive support. Burdock Root contains inulin which is a prebiotic and soluble fibre that helps improve digestion. Prebiotics are essentially food for healthy gut bacteria. Furthermore, inulin helps regulate inflammation and even aids in removing toxins from the body. Just what we need!

We stock Burdock in tincture form.

the ovulation phase - image of turmeric root and powder


Turmeric is choc-a-bloc with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory benefits and liver-loving qualities. It’s delicious and easy to add into your diet, whether it’s a turmeric latte, a curry, a soup or even a pill! I wrote a whole blog post on it here:

We stock turmeric in many forms. Powder, supplement pill, latte mix, tea, spread, spray.. you name it, it’s probably in our store! See what we offer here.

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle contains a range of therapeutic compounds known collectively as silymarin. These are possibly responsible for many of milk thistle’s beneficial effects, including its liver protection. If you’d like to learn more, I wrote a whole blog post here:


And if you’re looking to get pregnant and need a little support in the bedroom, Maca is wonderful for boosting energy, stamina & libido.

I wrote an article all about maca here if you’re interested:

woman running

Lifestyle Tips to Support the Ovulation Phase

The ovulation phase is an excellent time to ride the high of your high energy levels that tend to peak around now. Because of this, the ovulation phase is a good time for you to do things that require more energy, focus and concentration.

Continue to enjoy higher-intensity workouts in this phase and social interactions.

That’s it for part 3 of Uncovering The 4 Phases of the Menstrual Cycle – The Ovulation Phase.

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