Hayfever Relief


For those hay fever sufferers out there, we see you. Itchy eyes, blocked nose, sneezing, itchy throat, and tiredness are just some of the symptoms that can happen for months on end. We have you covered for those currently suffering, or those looking to prevent it for next year.

Diet Advice

  • Following a wholefood diet can provide plenty of antioxidants to support the immune system which may lessen common hay fever symptoms. We have tips here on eating healthy on a budget.
  • Avoiding excessive amount of dairy is advisable for the management of excessive mucus production and congestion which may be associated with hay fever. 

Lifestyle Advice

  • Manage stress. Stress can negatively affect the immune system, which may contribute to worsening of hay fever symptoms with a possibility of increasing histamine levels in the body. Here is what we would suggest for stress.
  • Nasal rinse. Regular use of nasal rinses may lessen common hay fever symptoms by clearing pollen that can become lodged in the nasal passages causing irritation. 

Key product


Quercetin may alleviate common hay fever symptoms by getting to the root of the issue regulating histamine production. It also contributes to normal mental performance and may help with a reduction in tiredness and fatigue. 

Additional support


Nettle has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, and anti-rheumatic effects. It can block histamine receptors, give symptomatic support for hay fever and can be used daily as a tea.


Echinacea is a traditional herbal remedy used for common colds and infections. In addition, it can also be beneficial for the prevention and management of hay fever. It’s modulating nature may have a balancing effect on the immune response and inflammation. 


Clinical herbalist and naturopath, Rita, is our Training Manager here at Nourish. She is on hand every Thursday on Instagram answering product, health and wellness questions. Not on the gram? Email your questions to the team at ask@nourish.ie.