Nourish reveals top five health and food trends for 2023


From supplements to sauces, we’ve predicted what will be popular on our shelves and your kitchens this year.

1. Plant Powered Pasta

From red lentil fusilli to black bean spaghetti, plant-based pasta alternatives are becoming more popular than ever. These grain free pastas are packed with protein and a good source of fibre for a fulfilling and tasty change from traditional wheat pasta, without the starchy carbs.

We love: Profusion Red Lentil Fusilli

This gluten free, grain free pasta delivers on flavour and function. Packed with protein, it’s easy and quick to cook with a great texture.

2. Cacao

Customers are LOVING cacao. Produced from the bean of the cocoa tree, this nutrient dense chocolatey superfood may help to support energy levels, hormone health, skin appearance and brain health. We love it brewed over heat with your milk of choice and a little cinnamon.

We love: Nibbed Cacao

Chocolate in its purest, simplest form with no added nasties, just 100% pure, organic, ethically sourced cacao bean gently roasted and stone ground.

3. Olive Leaf

Up to five times more powerful than Vitamin C, we’re predicting a popular year for Olive Leaf. Made from freshly picked Olive leaves, this complex is full of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and other bioactive properties to support cardiovascular health, help maintain normal blood pressure, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

We love: Comvita

From grove to shelf, the antioxidant rich olive leaf complex is made from freshly picked Australian olive leaves to support heart health, immunity and overall wellbeing.

4. Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms are having a moment. From Reishi, Cordyceps and Maitake, these functional fungi contain over 150 bioactive compounds including polysaccharides which may help to activate immune system cells, improve the body’s resilience to viruses and help reduce proteins involved in inflammation.

We love: Four Sigmatic and Irish Botanica

We love the Four Sigmatic range of high-quality medicinal mushroom products. Our pick? Try their mushroom enriched-coffee and hot chocolate mixes.

Irish Botanica have a great respect for nature, and deliver exceptional natural products, deep rooted with quality. With over 5 products in their mushroom range, they’re sure to guarantee all your medicinal mushroom needs.

5. Irish-Asian Flavours

Irish condiments have never been so tasty. Inspired by the flavours of Japan, China and Korea, several homegrown makers are producing some of the tastiest flavours to upgrade your meal or revive leftovers.

We love: Conbini Katsu Ketchup and White Mausu Cashew Crunch.

Newcomers Conbini have delivered a very happy marriage between Katsu Curry and Tomato Ketchup with their Katsu Ketchup. Great for dunking fries and amping up the flavour in a curry.

White Mausu’s Cashew Crunch is sweet, salty and here to save your meals from meh. Top off your noodles, revive leftover rice or mix with a little vinegar for the perfect Asian-style dressing.

* Please note: Always consult your GP before starting a new supplement or diet plan if you take medication, have a diagnosed condition or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.