What’s the deal with spelt pasta?


Ever wonder what spelt pasta is about? Why should you be considering it as an option over wheat pasta? We are here to help!

The main difference between this and wheat pasta is that spelt comes from a much older, less processed grain. It is known as an ancient grain, and an ancient grain contain a different type of gluten. Although not completely gluten free- it contains less gluten than wheat pasta, and can be slightly more digestible for those with wheat intolerances.

Nutritionally they are very similar.

So why choose spelt?

  • Less refined so you might be able to tolerate it more than refined wheat
  • High in fibre and protein
  • Provides several essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium and iron
  • Non GMO
  • Has a nutty flavour to it, so is more flavoursome than wheat pasta

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Find Biona’s Arrabiatta recipe here and you can swap out the pasta for spelt pasta, let us know what you think.