Limerick Senior Hurler David Reidy and his top recommendations


We sat down with Limerick Senior Hurler David Reidy to see what he uses daily and what he suggests for an active lifestyle or those always on the go.

1. Revive Active

David loves the Revive zest. He pops it into a glass of water every morning for his energy levels as well as keeping his immune system on track. Revive Zest is packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, suitable for the health conscious, fitness enthusiasts and people living busy lifestyles.

2. PrizMag Magnesium

He is a big fan of PrizMag, Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate, and pops three tablets before bed every night. This may support muscle recovery as magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. It also helps support sleep which is crucial for David and his constant busy schedule with his job as a teacher, and then with training and matches with the hurling team too.

3. FemFuelz Protein

FemFuelz are a fellow Limerick brand and David is a massive fan of them. He loves all of their protein powders, says he enjoys all of the different flavours that they have. His favourite product of theirs is the high protein pancake mix, and says he always makes sure to have one in the back of his car if he ever needs it. All you need to do is mix this one with some water, and pop it on the pan for the perfect breakfast or snack before heading out.

4. Peanut Butter

David has been trying the new Meridian Energy Release peanut butter and likes that it contains all the nutrients needed as they keep the whole nut intact. This one has been boosted with oat fibre, vitamins and minerals to help convert nutrients into vital energy. He needs this to support his energy levels throughout training and matches. He loves to pop some peanut butter into his porridge in the morning, with some fruit for a quick snack or for when he is making protein bars.

5. Snacks

Last but not least is snacks. Snacks are critical when you’re always on the move and need to keep your energy levels up for an active lifestyle. David really enjoys the Nakd bars as he says they’re super nutritious and also tasty. They are raw fruit and nut bars so you know they’re packed with goodness. He always has one in his bag to make sure he never gets too hungry.

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