Why choose natural sun cream?


Now that the summer is here and our yellow friend in the sky should start peaking through, in addition to wearing hats and other protective clothing, the importance of daily sun cream is threefold. This includes natural lotions. When looking for sun cream you might see regular and then natural/ organic and think what are they about?

1. Free from common harsh chemicals

Some regular sun creams might contain chemicals that soak into the skin to block out UV rays. These can often cause redness, irritation and itching, which can be caused by blocked sweat ducts. With natural sun cream, it provides more benefits than just blocking out the UV rays. Without chemicals and preservatives, they can soothe and nourish the skin, naturally. Often they also don’t interfere with the normal process of perspiration.

2. Gentle on the skin

Due to the natural ingredients and lack of chemicals, natural sun lotions are ideal for those with sensitive skin as well as children too. Green People have aloe vera in theirs to soothe even the most sensitive or delicate of skin types. MooGoo sunscreen is also highly moisturising on the skin and suitable for newborns, so long as a patch test is carried out.

3. Naturally effective

Natural sun creams work by essentially reflecting the sun off the skin, instead of absorbing it into the blood stream. This physical protection means immediate protection from the moment it is put on the skin. As long as the protection factor is high enough and you are applying enough to adequately defend your skin, as well as reapplying every 2-3 hours then there should be no issues with effectiveness of natural sun cream.

4. More environmentally friendly

A lot of natural sun cream avoid chemicals and ingredients that could possibly damage corals as well as marine-life.  In 2021 Hawaii banned the sale and distribution of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate which can be harmful to corals. You can read more about it here >>

Green People take particular care and have a commitment to preserving the environment during manufacture, a promise to never use unsafe ingredients and to never test on animals.

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